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Then the creature lowered away until Bradley's head came in sudden and painful contact with the floor below, after which the Wieroo let loose of the rope entirely and the Englishman's body crashed to the wooden planking.
Rather, come and let us all go to help them, or else let loose your weapon, the great and formidable Titan-killer with which you killed Capaneus, that doughty man, and great Enceladus and the wild tribes of Giants; ay, let it loose, for so the most valiant will be slain.
Hold your noise, sir, in a gentleman's office, or I'll run away from my family and never come back any more; and then what would become of all them precious and forlorn lads as would be let loose on the world, without their best friend at their elbers?
Houses, gates, churches, haystacks, objects of every kind they shot by, with a velocity and noise like roaring waters suddenly let loose.
The dog is let loose at night to prevent him from endeavouring to communicate with her.
They were wanted to break a strike, and when it was broken they would be shipped away, and their present masters would never see them again; and so whisky and women were brought in by the carload and sold to them, and hell was let loose in the yards.
And yet I should have dearly liked, I own, to have touched her lips; to have questioned her, that she might have opened them; to have looked upon the lashes of her downcast eyes, and never raised a blush; to have let loose waves of hair, an inch of which would be a keepsake beyond price: in short, I should have liked, I do confess, to have had the lightest licence of a child, and yet to have been man enough to know its value.
Somewhat as two vultures may swoop upon a dying lamb, Fettes and Macfarlane were to be let loose upon a grave in that green and quiet resting-place.
These kids don't have many social opportunities, and this is really a place where they can let loose and have fun like other kids do in the summer time.
Then let loose all our weaponry, And blow us all to hell
Febreze is helping Houston drivers keep unwanted odors out of their ride with the Febreze CAR Vent Clip - which is specifically designed to eliminate odors in vehicles, by having oversized odors let loose all over downtown Houston.
Piling into a cab with friends, the 28-year-old swimmer headed to the trendy Chinawhite nightclub, where he and other Olympians finally let loose after years of strict dieting and training.
I had such a blast partying with them at Century Club for the launch of their Loose Women in New York - Let Loose In The City DVD (out now).
After the success of their Let Loose After the success of their Let Loose reality show, the Irish twins are looking for more TV work.
WATCH out America - Jedward are about to be let loose in LA, we can reveal.