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He let go of the bags but punched her in the eye," said Miss Owen.
What am I willing to let go of in this great candy jar of life in order to respond fully to Jesus' call to discipleship?
Over the course of many Easter seasons I have had to let go of lesser, even lifeless things - the steady paycheck attached to an emotionally toxic workplace; the dream of a relationship and the hope for married life; corrosive worry about how to provide for my needs, how to make my way in a world that felt like a heartless machine.
Let go of your possessions, your lifestyle of More that is making you ill.
When we let go of hunched shoulders, locked knees, or hyper-extended backs, we begin to get back to our primal state of grace.
Let go of your resentment and anger over things that are beyond your control.
He then tried to push Jessica into the van while still holding onto her sister, but Jessica kicked him and he let go of her.
And fall is the perfect time to let go of negative physical and emotional patterns.
Court chairwoman Susan Clark told the defendant, 'You obviously didn't make it clear who you were talking to when you said let go of the rope.
The mother told how she was holding both her children in her arms, but because of the severity of the flood she faced the agonising decision of having to let go of one of the two youngsters.
I can't let go of the idea of getting back to size 8 from my current size 18.
He said: "I thought that if I pinched its nostrils, it would have to open its mouth to breathe and let go of my dog.
But in a moment of clarity she let go of "what was" and embraced "what is.