let go

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The shaggy man made the little dog let go, and sat up to look around him.
They were all on their beds, and gallant Michael let go first.
Well, sir, that fairly made them shout; and even the judge he let go and laughed.
She is right," said the man; "I own myself beaten and powerless; I confess I haven't the strength to take it from her;" and he let go his hold of her.
Twice I saw the hunter let go the steering-oar with one hand, reach for his rifle, and hesitate.
His rifle was between his knees, but if he let go the steering-oar in order to shoot, the boat would sweep around and collide with the schooner.
He never let go his rifle, even passing down the tackles with one hand.
A little thing like this will happen to the best small-boat sailors, and yet, though I instantly let go the sheet and righted, I was cheered sarcastically, as though I had been guilty of a very awkward blunder.
Here was where another man in the boat would have been of value to him; for, with me but a few feet astern, he did not dare let go the tiller and run amidships to try to force down the centre-board.
I sat cocked over the weather gunwale, tiller in one hand and sheet in the other; and the sheet, with a single turn around a pin, I was very often forced to let go in the severer puffs.
I shall answer no questions till you let go the bridle, - if you stand till morning.
I can't let go; and I want you, and I've got to let go to get you.
She suddenly let go of me-- she threw up her hands, and wrung them frantically in the air.
And she was so frightened he might try to come for all and get tore up by the dog and it was a bull-dog too that would never let go.
Aramis did let go, not the bridle, but the horse's nose.