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someone who grants a lease


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The aircraft finance market has remained healthy and is expected to continue this trend during the remainder of the year, with aircraft lessors benefitting from strong liquidity provided by a balanced group of funding sources including the capital markets (e.
Because the footprint of these lessors is typically limited to western industrialized and commonwealth countries, manufacturers engage Ecologic and the GLN to help them finance transactions everywhere else that they sell.
The Boards need to give careful further consideration to the proposals for both lessees and lessors and provide more time for field-testing and for constituents to comment on them.
In considering the tax treatment we have considered the tax treatment of the lessors assuming that the lessor is not in the same jurisdiction of the lessee.
The improvement is made under a lease either by the lessee (or sublessee), or by the lessor, of that portion of the building to be occupied exclusively by the lessee (or sublessee);
Even if the lessor isn't planning to fund any long-term improvements being made to the space by the lessee, the lease agreement should acknowledge the possibility and how such allowances would be treated.
Lessors using the sales tax matrix tool can also access more in-depth support resources via its links to relevant state sites, as well as to the ELA, Musselwhite added.
Once you negotiate a deal you like, take it to other lessors for comparison shopping.
Such renewals may be automatic or may require you, the lessee, to notify the lessor of your intent to renew the term.
In the leasing agreement, lessor agrees to provide equipment or finances to buy the equipment needed by the lessor.
In many areas of the country, the soft real estate market of the past few years has forced lessors to offer some extremely generous lease incentives to attract new tenants and retain existing ones.
In cases where the asset being financed is very costly, it is usual to have a number of lessors and a consortium of lenders.
Despite near-term risks in the airline operating environment (particularly in Europe) and threats to the global economy, Fitch expects lessors to benefit from longer term growth opportunities and improved access to capital as the structure of the industry evolves.
Our corporate lessee clients and our vendor captive clients have been asking us to help them find, engage, and transact with new lessors in China for several years," stated Michael Keeler, CEO, Ecologic Leasing Services.