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common scaup of North America

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Queen's University's Bob Montgomerie, an expert on reproductive strategies who was not involved in the study, said in a statement: "The question now is whether the observed increase in penis size in Lesser Scaup under the threat of sperm competition actually gives males a competitive advantage.
dabbling duck 0 0 400 Redhead 0 933 14 Ring-necked Duck 0 0 0 Canvasback 0 0 1 Lesser Scaup 0 0 15 Ruddy Duck 0 2 22 Eared Grebe 0 11 4 Clark's Lire be 0 7 0 Db-crested Cormorant 0 1 0 American White Pelican 59 70 19 (.
MC1 also had the highest abundance of breeding Lesser Scaup and was the only cluster to lack Northern Shoveler during the breeding period (Table 3).
Bartonek JC and Hickey JJ: Food habits of canvasbacks, redheads, and lesser scaup in Manitoba.
Thousands of lesser scaup and northern shovelor are using Howard Bay along Highway 140 in the Klamath district.
This report describes West Nile virus (WNV)-associated mortality in captive lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) ducklings that occurred in Saskatchewan, Canada, in July and August 2007.
Over the course of the season, we'll typically take ring-necks, buffleheads, redheads, canvasbacks, greater and lesser scaup, mergansers, goldeneyes and a smattering of puddle ducks.
Both zebra and quagga mussels have become important food sources for several local species in Ontario, including various crayfishes and fish, as well as waterfowl, such as the lesser scaup, the greater scaup, and the bufflehead.
Visitors to our shores (from left): The Lesser Scaup, Great White Egret, Great Northern Diver, Kumlien's Gull and the Bittern; The Wood Duck which has made a home in a Birmingham Canal Picture, ANITA MARIC
clypeata 4 Wood duck ([double dagger]) Aix sponsa 104 Common goldeneye ([section]) Bucephala clangula 18 Canvasback ([section]) Aythya valisinena 19 Hooded merganser ([section]) Lophodytes cucullatus 26 Lesser scaup ([section]) Aythya affinis 1 Redhead ([section]) Aythya americana 223 Ring-necked duck ([section]) Aythya collaris 51 Ruddy duck ([parallel]) Oxyura jamaicensis 2 No.
The guided field hunts offer the shooting sportsman countless opportunities for mallards, teal, gadwall, pintail, widgeon, shovelers, ringneck, ruddies, greater and lesser scaup, and occasional canvasback and redhead.
Waterfowl are also featured including the American widgeon, black ducks, blue-winged teal, cinnamon teal, green-winged teal, gadwall, mallard, pintail, shoveler, wood duck, canvasback, greater scaup, lesser scaup, redhead, Canadian geese, and the snow goose.
My Labs--the old male Kody and younger female Fiona--were working like well-oiled machines and I would've been hard pressed to recall the last time we'd all failed to collect pre-noon limits; limits made mostly of succulent green-winged teal and fat gadwalls, with the occasional mallard, widgeon or northern shoveler, the rare woodduck or lesser scaup, thrown in for variety.
The novice who spies a lesser scaup and a ring-necked duck, for instance, can be left scratching his or her head and wondering which bird to claim for a sighting.
One hypothesis advanced to explain the decline in lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) populations during the past 20 years is that adult female survival has decreased.