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The night was deeply overcast, heavy clouds riding low above the jungle and the water--only to the west, where the broad ocean spread beyond the river's mouth, was there a suggestion of lessening gloom.
He wished that there might be even the slightest lessening of the darkness.
As Nobs and I swung along in the growing light of the coming day, I was impressed by the lessening numbers of savage beasts the farther north I traveled.
There was a lessening in desire for alcohol of which even he at last became aware.
The two strangers had been gradually lessening the distance between the doctor and themselves, ever since Screw had left the room.
The wind was as high as ever; but to judge by the lessening patter on the windows the rain was passing away.
For several seconds the listening men heard the sound of those dismally flapping wings lessening in the distance until they could no longer be heard.
public order is the ever lessening habit of submission inherited from
The wind had now gone down, but I heard, at lessening intervals and progressively louder, the rumble and roll of thunder.
We cannot doubt that each structure is of use to each kind of squirrel in its own country, by enabling it to escape birds or beasts of prey, or to collect food more quickly, or, as there is reason to believe, by lessening the danger from occasional falls.
Partly from its peculiar colour, partly from a superstition which represented it as feeling the influence of the deity whom it adorned, and growing and lessening in lustre with the waxing and waning of the moon, it first gained the name by which it continues to be known in India to this day--the name of THE MOONSTONE.
I did my best to stop the torrent of his tears and protestations by persisting in treating the whole adventure as a good subject for a joke; and succeeded at last, as I imagined, in lessening Pesca's overwhelming sense of obligation to me.
You don't find your fancy kind o' lessening for this chap, do you?
Mississippi Power ventures the aggregate lessening in fuel expense to be around $120 million for 2016.
She affirmed that Enertech, owned by National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), will work with the private and public sectors to encourage energy conservation and lessening of carbon emissions to better protect the environment.