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not visited by many travelers

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These particular areas were selected because they are intersected by freeways and major arteries carrying more automobile traffic--and thus experiencing more traffic-related air pollution--than less-traveled roads.
Jim Steinberg debuts his fifth book, Colorado Scenic Byways: Taking the Other Road, a premier travel guide and atlas that celebrates Colorado's extraordinary diverse system of twenty-five scenic byways that follow some of the most inspiring and less-traveled roads in Colorado.
This is a great resource for highlighting some of the country's less-traveled locations.
Other less-traveled alternate routes include East River Road and University Avenue from the north, across the Broadway Bridge into downtown Minneapolis.
Some, like Christian McBride, the wunderkind hailed by Time magazine as ``the most promising and versatile bassist since Charles Mingus,'' took a funkier, less-traveled route.
Michael Rosenblatt and Ivan Gulas are taking a decidedly less-traveled route to become players in Hollywood.
Explore a road less-traveled by exploring any of the nine scenic highways in Florida.
Seven-day voyages to see the vistas and the wildlife of the less-traveled waters between Seattle, Wash.
In this new excursion, passengers can join instructors from a local rowing club as they explore the less-traveled parts of the city's lagoon by their own kayak power.
Officials in Tanzania hope to raise the number of tourist arrivals to 500,000 by the year 2000, but to spread them out among less-traveled places.
The two new markets will be served with Boeing 737-200 twinjets now flying on Frontier's less-traveled routes from Denver to Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls and Missoula, Mont.