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Synonyms for lesion

Synonyms for lesion

any localized abnormal structural change in a bodily part

an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)

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The EI algorithm analyzes the stiffness of a lesion compared to the compressibility of its surrounding tissue, much like measuring the degree of stiffness of a marble suspended within a bowl of gelatin.
This can be described as the position of the lesion in the skeleton: axial or appendicular.
For 12 of these 61 incidental skin cancers (20%), the index lesion had been immediately ruled out as nonmalignant.
1) We were able to completely excise the lesion in our patient without causing any substantial cosmetic and functional deficit.
A 50-year-old male railroad worker presented to his primary care physician with an erythematous, tender skin lesion on the right knee; a biopsy of this lesion revealed squamous cell carcinoma in situ.
Gange, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, and his colleagues monitored 312 HIV-positive women who had the lesions but hadn't undergone a procedure to remove them.
The solid efficacy against inflammatory lesions is important for advancing development, and the significant reduction in non-inflammatory lesions is noteworthy.
Lucchinetti and her team looked at the brain tissue samples of 19 people who had been treated with plasma exchange therapy and found that all 10 of the people who had lesion pattern II experienced moderate to substantial improvements following therapy.
However, before the introduction of SmartFlow Multiple Lesion, FFR (True) for each stenotic lesion in an artery with more then one lesion could only be calculated after a procedure that required measuring coronary wedge pressure.
7,8,13,14] Hairy leukoplakia is not a malignant or premalignant lesion.
If the lesion is a porokeratosis, unfortunately, your only recourse is to have it surgically removed.
If they are due to a right hemisphere lesion with left hemisphere language functions intact, the basic verbal map technique described in this paper should be considered.
Other initial presentations of angiosarcoma may be an asymptomatic bruise-like lesion, violaceous nodules or plaques, chronic edema, cellulite, or skin ulceration; the latter was the most common presentation in one series.
These lesions involved the supra- and the infratentorial compartments, with the largest lesion in the left cerebellar hemisphere (Figure 1A).