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a mischievous elf in Irish folklore

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Organiser Paul Callaghan says he hopes the unusual sight of leprechauns pushing beds will draw even bigger crowds than last year, which raised PS3,700 for Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust.
Noting that next year would be his 20th year as Chief Leprechaun, Mr.
They know all the Leprechaun stories, and they know all about the magical people who might have lived there thousands of years ago.
Ellen Jones is now in her forties, but when she was aged 10, she was in tune with the hidden world of fairies, ghosts, leprechauns, and angels.
They can have some fun with these arts and crafts featuring shamrocks and leprechauns.
Leprechauns are fairies, so if we eat any of his food, we'll be trapped underground forever as his servants
London, Mar 22 (ANI): Gerard Butler could be seen playing a cheeky leprechaun in an upcoming all-star fantasy movie.
BIG screen star Gerard Butler has that shrinking feeling over his latest role as a leprechaun.
Dallas-based health company Leprechaun is expanding to Puerto Rico to provide Hierarchical Conditions Categories (HCC) Management services, which allows health-insurance companies to obtain proper CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) reimbursements and provide better healthcare for its affiliates, reports Caribbean Business (Oct.
A YOUNG Merseyside woman who allegedly called a neighbour a leprechaun has found herself hauled before a Crown Court judge.
Find your leprechaun by reading the poem and searching for the words in bold print in the puzzle below.
One was a brash young fellow named Skiddley, the other was an old-time dyed-in-the-green leprechaun by the name of Broadwaller.
Saint Patrick's Day (named for the Patron Saint of Ireland)--As we can't call it Lucky Leprechaun Day because that may offend some short people who are neither lucky nor affiliated with Leprechauns, and as the politically correct would be against alcohol usage being associated with Irishmen (okay, Irish people), which rules out "Irish Pub Day," and as the only thing the politically correct really seem to like about the day is all the green color that goes with it, we'll change the holiday to "Bring a Shrub to Work Day.
She and her unusual entourage--a troll, a leprechaun, and a boy from Africa--soon learn that the home of the fairies is besieged by a destructive force known as the Shaktra.
The pact calls for Rasta Imposta to market costumes based on Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Lucky the Leprechaun, the Jolly Green Giant and his sidekick Sprout.