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a mischievous elf in Irish folklore

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A total of 40,000 metres of drilling is planned in 2012 with a focus on expanding the Property's Leprechaun Gold Deposit along strike to the southwest and northeast as well as down dip.
Our book Ravaged By The Leprechaun promised a Celtic twist with this weird sub-genre.
However, the tale of the leprechaun has changed over time.
The Great Leprechaun Hunt all started after someone had reported seeing 'little green men in white hats throwing stones and tiny clods of earth at one another' on the bowling green the previous night.
He said: "The way I see it, I made a terrible botch of the accent once, so it can't get any worse as a leprechaun.
Registration for the event is pounds 5 and includes a leprechaun hat and beard.
What makes the game stand out of the variety of online slots is the exciting animation and the 3D character of Leprechaun that meets the player at the very start of the game in the amazing introductory video and follows the player's achievements throughout the gaming action.
A GROUP of Irish leprechauns took time out from celebrating St Patrick's Day to be sent round the bend at a Midland theme park.
Murphy commented, "What better place to see a Leprechaun than in an enchanted glen beside a fairy ring containing sacred stones and a magical tree?
And when Notre Dame scores, he said, the green leprechaun ``will chase that Trojan horse .
In the pub, Sammy took the name Johnny O'Pal and wore a green leprechaun costume.
Have fun searching for your own leprechaun, and enjoy a snack, too.
I thought I must be dreaming To see this dancing leprechaun.
TSX-V: MOA) ("Mountain Lake is pleased to announce the near surface intersection of a wide interval of gold mineralization in an area of the Sprite Zone, located 700 metres (m) northeast along strike from the Leprechaun Gold Deposit.