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a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles)

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A cherry red leotard stands out from go-to neutral shades like black and gray for an instant pick-me-up.
SEQUIN THRILLS: Jen in leotard and, inset, getting lift from dancer
used to an all one thing leotard his kit Pretty impressive for a guy operating on a shoestring budget in comparison to most other clubs in the top flight.
In 2012, when Gabby Douglas won the same event in London, her leotard had 1,188 crystals.
LEOTARD SHOW Beyonce made five costume changes and cheekily showed off her bum, below left
He criticized Hadi for wearing a leotard that revealed her "aurat," thighs and the shape of her genitals.
A son am hwyl, fe fydd Gerallt hefyd mewn leotard, neu o leia' ''' crys chwys mewn dosbarth pilates efo Carys Wyn Althoff-Roberts.
One snap shows the controversial star pulling her leotard up to her crotch.
There were leotards aplenty in the marathon keep fit-a-thons, gruelling workouts and fun disco dance classes of years gone by.
For the first time, the European diplomacy was revealed in the true light, says Francois Leotard, former EU representative to Macedonia, who worked on reaching the Framework Agreement in 2001, in his interview with Radio Deutsche Welle.
Jules Leotard, the French acrobat who performed the first flying trapeze act on record at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris in 1859, was the daring young man who 'flies through the air with the greatest of ease' in the music hall song.
Sarah Harding sported a slinky cut-out black leotard, while Cheryl Cole opted for a very mini miniskirt.
Stefan will wear the leotard with the number 33 also with Everton.
French aerialis, Jules Leotard iscredited with inventing both leotard tights and the flying trapeze.