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a tenuous mesoblastic membrane surrounding the lens of the eye

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Posterior capsular tear--the Royal College of Ophthalmologists reports a tear of the posterior lens capsule as perhaps the most common surgical complication occurring in approximately 1.
Management of the anterior and posterior lens capsules and vitreous in pediatric cataract surgery.
Ltd, South Korea), showing IOL in the bag, a small self sealed corneal laceration (as small four dots at 10 o'clock), and a large horizontal laceration in the anterior lens capsule with widely displaced and rolled edges.
The contract is for: supply tubing for irrigation pumps; Saw blades for micro oscillating; electrodes into the vaporizer, dermatomes blades, perforating plates for siatkownicy, rings and segments dotorebkowych lens capsule tension divided into 7 TaskbarTask No.
That opening typically has a smaller diameter than the lens, and for good reason: the lens capsule helps hold the lens in place, and a smaller opening helps prevent the migration of loose lens cells that might later cause cloudiness in the rear part of the lens capsule.
In standard cataract removal, a tiny incision is made in the cornea (the transparent front of the eye), and the lens capsule (a clear membrane that surrounds the lens).
Imaging of the lens capsule with an ultrahig-resolution spectral optical coherence tomography prototype based on a femtosecond laser.
A mild amount of fibrin was present on the anterior lens capsule.
For example, when performing cataract surgery of the eye, an incision is made into the cornea, the lens capsule is severed and the material of the lens is fragmented and aspirated by a needle.
Cataract affecting children is rare, yet congenital lens opacities are common, resulting from foetal vascularization remains in the anterior lens capsule (tunica vasculosa lentis) or from the persistence of the pupillary membrane.
Standard cataract removal surgery requires that small incisions be made in the cornea (the transparent front part of the eye), and the lens capsule (a clear membrane that surrounds the lens) using a hand-held diamond or metal blade.
In the subgroup analysis, former and current smokers showed a positive association with two of the subtypes - nuclear cataract, when the clouding is in the central nucleus of the eye, and subscapular cataract, when the clouding is in the rear of the lens capsule.
We report a unique case of spontaneous per-operative idiopathic development of true exfoliation of the anterior lens capsule during capsulorhexis.
In such a procedure, the ophthalmologist uses an operating microscope to make small incisions, first in the cornea and then in the lens capsule, before inserting an instrument that uses high-frequency sound to disintegrate and remove the affected lens.