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a Russian river in Siberia


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Mme Koonyatse o ne a go kopa Batswana go abela dikokelo le dikokelwana tsa lefatshe leno madi a a ka dirisiwang go thusa ba ba boneng dikotsi tsa tsela ka jaana dikokelo tsa lefatshe leno di tlhaelelwa ke madi.
But men who delay sharing stories of abuse or rape are readily believed, even when it's a religious figure such as a priest involved, Leno said.
From the moment he embarked on the bare stage, Leno was revved up and ready to go and was running in high gear for the next hour and 24 minutes.
And yet, watching Leno take this victory lap, it was hard not to think that, strictly in terms of the comedy world, his path might have been easier--or at least simpler--had he not won the succession battle that embittered David Letterman, forced many of their brethren and those in the media to choose sides, and placed a kind of strange asterisk on Leno's legacy.
Prize spokesman David Rubenstein said of Twain and Leno that no one was too high or too low to escape their wit.
Leno will leave behind a 22-year legacy on the iconic program -- aside from a short-lived departure, during which time Fallon's predecessor, Conan O'Brien, hosted the show.
NBC, were attempting to guard their late night line up from both the flight of their newest young star, Conan O'Brien and, at the same time, man the barricades and evade the flight of the once famous and I present king of late night, Jay Leno.
And the induction came in true Bollywood style, what with Leno posing with his white Nano, his hands joined in a Namaskaar, and quite symbolically, against a backdrop of the Indian flag.
The two have been fixtures on late-night TV for decades, Leno as host of NBC's "Tonight Show" and Letterman as host of "The Late Show With David Letterman" on CBS.
television world like the NVC late-night debacle of 2009, when the network tried to juggle Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien as hosts of late-night talk shows and dropped the ball with O'Brien.
Summary: Joe Biden has to convince Jay Leno that America did not get a raw deal from Russia in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.
NEW YORK: After a smashing return, Jay Leno appears headed to a battle with David Letterman for late-night television supremacy.
Jay Leno ushered out one of television's biggest flops without sentiment on Tuesday, the final night of a prime-time experiment doomed by bad ratings and bad vibes.
Jay Leno, who will return as "Tonight's" host March 1, said during his low-rated prime time show: "As many of you know Conan is leaving the network.
In the eight-minute clip, Leno says the engine once ran a dye factory in England.