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in a permissively lenient manner


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2 billion Roman Catholics has brought a message of national reconciliation as the country tries to heal the wounds left by a 50-year civil war and bitter disagreements over last year's peace deal with leftist guerrillas that some say lets them off too leniently.
Arctic Angel looks leniently treated on his handicap bow 9.
Rebels seized handguns from the two who, Sanchez said, are 'being treated leniently.
However, despite a judge saying he had a "truly appalling" record for driving offences and had been treated leniently in the past, Widdrington has walked free again.
In this day and age it does not take very much to get into debt and I hope genuine cases are dealt with leniently by our council.
FEWER than 30% of police officers have undergone training courses since stalking laws were introduced, with many offenders being treated leniently, an MP has said.
We appeal to the Saudi authorities to treat the Pakistani labourers leniently who have contributed tremendously to the development of the Kingdom," Aftab Sherpao stated.
It is ridiculous how often incidents in the Southern Hemisphere have gone unpunished - or been treated too leniently - when touring players have fallen victim to foul play.
Newcastle East MP Nick Brown claimed the interception of people''s records was "hardly ever punished" and, when it was, the authorities treated offenders leniently.
Martin and Howell's legal teams urged Judge Richard Floyd to treat their clients leniently.
You have been treated very leniently from me but you will not be treated leniently in future.
hina's Tobacco-control Association (CTA) investigation found only 16 of 800 colleges imposed the tobacco-control check, and that too leniently, the China Daily reports.
While many members of the public have suggested that the police response has, at times, been too soft, there is now a fear that many of those arrested this week may be dealt with leniently by the courts.
Dubai A court dealt leniently with a passenger convicted of smuggling 3.
Nathan Coley was told by a Judge at Warwick Crown Court that he was being dealt with leniently in view of the fact that he was in breach of a suspended prison sentence and had 38 previous convictions.