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Synonyms for leniency

Synonyms for leniency

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for leniency

mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant

a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone

lightening a penalty or excusing from a chore by judges or parents or teachers

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He said in developed countries the courts treated criminals with leniency if they made a confession but the trial court did not show leniency in his case despite the confession.
Samantha created a fake email address to mimic her attorney's email address to try to convince this boyfriend that it was perfectly acceptable to marry her because it would help get her leniency in her sentencing in the child abuse case in Manchester.
The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is working on a leniency program that would encourage whistle-blowers to speak out against business cartels or other anticompetitive practices, top officials said on Wednesday.
The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is crafting the rules on Leniency Program to speed up decisions of anti-competition cases, including the test case on alleged cement cartel in the country, filed or under investigation by the agency.
The Company learned that following a review of the leniency agreement pending the injunction order suspending signing of the leniency agreement, the Federal Court of Accounts (Tribunal de Contas da Uniao TCU) decided to allow the Ministry of Transparency, Oversight and Control (Ministerio da Transparencia, Fiscalizacao e Controle MTFC), the General Counsel for the Republic (Advocacia Geral da Uniao AGU) and Petrobras to move forward with the signing of the leniency agreement.
The convicts however sought leniency from the court.
The stagnant water should immediately be drained out and no leniency would be tolerated in this regard, he warned.
KARACHI -- Chairman, District Municipal Corporation, Korangi, Nayyar Raza has assured residents of the district that no leniency will be shown to the encroachers.
This Article develops a framework for effective leniency policy design in jurisdictions that have limited or no mileage enforcing antitrust laws.
This is with reference to the report "No leniency for elderly violators of traffic rules" (Aug.
DISGRACED athlete Oscar Pistorius removed his prosthetic legs and hobbled through a court room in a bid to prove he deserves leniency when he is sentenced for murder.
The defence lawyer called for "maximum level of leniency and mercy" before deciding on the case.
It is particularly important for a company to identify any potential antitrust issues early on so the company can have the option of self-reporting and applying for leniency under the DOJ's leniency program.
The message it sent out was one of naive leniency and the reaction of the offenders was deplorable.
Summary: The much-awaited security plan in the Bekaa Valley will be strictly implemented and authorities will show no leniency with anyone wanted for suspected criminal activity, Speaker Nabih Berri was quoted as saying Monday.