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Synonyms for leniency

Synonyms for leniency

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for leniency

mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant

a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone

lightening a penalty or excusing from a chore by judges or parents or teachers

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Commissioner Stella Alabastro Quimbo, however, said that PCC could not simply copy the leniency program being used by other countries.
Leniency program, which functions like a program meant for whistle blowers, can fast-track the gathering of information and evidence because it involves testimony from someone or a corporation's involvement in an anti-competitive practice.
The claim relates to the alleged improper sales practices before 2012 that are also the subject of the leniency agreements under discussion with the Brazilian authorities and Petrobras.
He said that the devised plan to combat the dengue disease be implemented in letter and spirit as there was no space for any leniency.
DMC - Korangi Chairman said unauthorized possession of foot paths, road sides or of any other public property will be cleared without any leniency and distinction.
Theoretical Framework: The Role of Leniency in the Fight against Cartels A.
Defending him, Christodoulou's lawyers cited his EOKA stint as legitimate grounds for leniency.
The reaction of senior military figures and politicians to the request for leniency beggars belief.
6) In addition to increasing access to the courts, this policy of pro se leniency has promoted the resolution of disputes on their merits, rather than on technical errors made by an unrepresented party.
He vehemently opposed Shahzad's plea for leniency and compared Shahzad's crime to those committed by Devenderpal Singh Bhullar and Ajmal Qasab.
Yes, the punishment handed down by the governing body clearly errs on the side of leniency.
Kuwait's ruler said on Tuesday there would be no leniency towards threats to "the security of the homeland", two days after police broke up an unauthorised protest against new voting rules.
Florian Miedel, Phillips' lawyer, asked for leniency and said it was unfair to treat the actions by the former contractor the same way as a person who was trying to send weapons or attack helicopters.
KingTuT The biggest dummies are the legal profession for their misplaced leniency.
Global Banking News-August 17, 2012--Swiss banks handover employees to US, to seek leniency in tax evasion charges(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.