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Synonyms for lenience

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for lenience

mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant

a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone

lightening a penalty or excusing from a chore by judges or parents or teachers

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The IPO's lenience continued when he offered the suspect an opportunity to sit.
In a statement the party also claimed cases of poaching will be treated with more lenience by the state where a child is present because of its age as the adults present will blame the child for the illegal actions.
Tollymaster face for such a deed, and although we hope he is treated with lenience upon legal approach, we cannot help but thank him for capturing such a breathtaking view from the soaring height.
I wish to tell those who believe that in recent months VMRO-DPMNE agreed to too many compromises that our readiness to compromise, which some refer to as excessive lenience, is a result only of our faith in our people and our state and the strength that people give us.
Despite the special case of Palestinian refugees and widespread support of the Palestinian cause, Egypt has shown little lenience to their plight, as there are residency regulations that they must adhere to or face imprisonment or deportation.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned and denounced the cowardly act, emphasizing that such awkward actions are contrary to the values of religion and the lenience teachings of Islam, pointing that it only serve the Zionist enemy that lurks the Arab and Islamic nation and uses such perpetrators to carry out its criminal deeds that target the innocent citizens.
10) by ISIL militants have driven the point home that past lenience to groups that fought against the Assad regime may prove costly in the long run, even if those groups were composed of fellow Muslims.
The ERA-Oman report stated, "Currently, residential end user investment saw some stirrings due to continuing consumer interest and banks' lenience in offering loans and active contribution of Islamic banking.
He said nobody could be granted undue lenience, directing lawyers to approach trial court or a duty judge to get the bail on Thursday.
Whilst the prosecution had sought the standard sentence of three months' imprisonment for the crime of committing an obscene act, the court exercised considerable lenience in releasing them after three days with a fine and a banning order.
It also called for banning violence and extremism and promoting the true values of Islam, namely justice, mercy, lenience and tolerance.
Referee Steve Lee showed little lenience at the breakdown though and the game continued in the same vein with kicks directed to the corner for the forwards to do their work.
Mr Evans' family asked for lenience because of her "good reputation" as a GP.
Agnew was a Sunderland player at the time, and commented to me that I was showing remarkable lenience and I suggested that he could perhaps help me out.
So it seems that while perpetrators are no longer able to lawfully use a stick to beat their wives, somewhere in the system there is a lenience.