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Synonyms for lengthen

Synonyms for lengthen

Antonyms for lengthen

become long or longer

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Despite the uncertainty, some claim to know how to lengthen our telomeres.
it does not lengthen consonants following a heavy initial syllable, and it does not display lengthening in trisyllabic words.
In previous studies, scientists found that severely restricting the number of calories that mice and other organisms consume can lengthen their life spans.
The final option for correcting LLD is to lengthen the shorter limb.
Moss-cara by Aveda in Madeira Grape: A really gorgeous consistency, nourishes as well as lengthens.
Ligaments lengthen a bit to allow a joint to move, but keep it from going so far that you'd injure yourself.
All of these "preventive" measures ultimately lengthen the time it takes the skin to toughen up.
From Mountain Pose, extend your arms upward without changing anything else and you'll be in Upward Arms Pose (Urdbva Hastasana) which lengthens your sides, back, and abdomen.
Once implanted, the distractor lengthens the patients bone gradually and after the lengthening is completed, the ISKD system stabilizes the lengthened bone.
Applies beautifully, thickens and lengthens the lashes with one coat.
As the moon's orbit grows, the lunar month lengthens.
As the fiber lengthens, the laser beam melts more of the original rod to sustain this growth.
The new REPIPHYSIS(TM) Technology incorporates a system that lengthens in small increments when exposed to periodic treatments with an electromagnetic field.
Itoh, the acquisition of the minority interests of ATC and a new bank agreement which lengthens bank debt maturities.
The announcement lengthens the current Site I sawmill shutdown by one week to July 25 and in addition, will include the Site I planermill.