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the act of prolonging something

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It was drawing towards the close of Arthur's first half-year, and the May evenings were lengthening out.
It was a strange and frightful spectacle--the small, bunk-lined space, the floor and walls leaping and lurching, the dim light, the swaying shadows lengthening and fore-shortening monstrously, the thick air heavy with smoke and the smell of bodies and iodoform, and the inflamed faces of the men--half-men, I should call them.
He went up to his coachman, who was dozing on the box in the shadow, already lengthening, of a thick limetree; he admired the shifting clouds of midges circling over the hot horses, and, waking the coachman, he jumped into the carriage, and told him to drive to Bryansky's.
Came an abrupt lengthening of step, the guiding pressure grew more compelling, and she was caught up and carried along, though her velvet-shod feet never left the floor.
Then came the lamplighter, and two lengthening lines of light all down the long perspective of the street, until they were blended and lost in the distance.
No, they're rather hard on poor Father,' said Mrs Plornish with a lengthening face, 'and don't let him have half as much change and fresh air as would benefit him.
The last soft light of the setting sun had fallen on the earth, casting a rich glow on the yellow corn sheaves, and lengthening the shadows of the orchard trees, as he stood before the old house --the home of his infancy--to which his heart had yearned with an intensity of affection not to be described, through long and weary years of captivity and sorrow.
I beg your pardon, Sir,' said Kit, who had listened to this discourse with a lengthening countenance, 'but if that's the reason, I'm afraid I should do more harm than good--Miss Nell, Sir, she knows me, and would trust in me, I am sure; but old master-- I don't know why, gentlemen; nobody does--would not bear me in his sight after he had been ill, and Miss Nell herself told me that I must not go near him or let him see me any more.
Second, the paper presents results of a durational study of some of the various consonant lengthening phenomena characteristic of Ingrian.
and international launch of the PRECICE Remote Control Limb Lengthening System in 2012.
A recent US study identified that it costs US$267 to undertake a non-invasive lengthening procedure compared to approximately US$8,000 if surgery is required.
To stretch the backs of the thighs, extended your legs in front of the body and reach your arms up above your head, keeping your shoulders away from your ears while lengthening the spine.
Your hamstrings are going to grow a bit as they get stronger but when you work, make a conscious effort to think of lengthening your muscles.
Tibial lengthening was accompanied by alterations in morphological and topographic parameters of the muscles in all patients; however, the grade of these changes was different and depended upon the amount of lengthening, initial status of the muscles (conditioned both by limb weight bearing or functional ability), as well as by the character and number of previous surgeries.