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the act of prolonging something

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Charts were reviewed for age at time of surgery, other procedures, duration of lengthening, duration of fixator use, and length of follow-up.
Aim of the study is to show the eradication of infection and influence of intramedullary interlocking nail in reducing time needed for external fixator removal, reducing the deformities and impact on healing index: number of days of external fixation required per centimetre of lengthening.
Percusys implants comprise single packaged, sterile, and pre-assembled pedicle screws with lengthening shaft and set-screw.
As the stems lengthen, the tightly packed inflorescence pulls itself from the fattened stems, lengthening and shaking itself out until the long panicles are released and shake their willowy heads.
And it's not clear that lengthening our telomeres would improve our health, adds Sierra.
This isn't as effective and works to shorten the muscles instead of lengthening them.
CAMMELL Laird has made further forays into the ferry market after lengthening a Scottish vessel.
We test out three lengthening ones| MAC Zoom Lash mascara, PS14 (www.
We test out three lengthening ones | MAC Zoom Lash mascara, PS14 (www.
Hoffinger started laying the groundwork for surgically lengthening Mary's leg back in 2003.
The majority who come for cosmetic limb lengthening have what we call, height dysphoria.
6 January 2011 - Ellipse Technologies Inc said on Thursday that Dr Dror Paley, director of the Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, successfully performed the first implantations of the company's PRECICE Limb Lengthening device in the US.
Textbook of Ilizarov surgical techniques; bone correction and lengthening.
If such a type of quantity alternation is to be differentiated from the usual Estonian or Finnic quantity alternation it could be called lengthening alternation.
Topics include telomere dynamics in cancer, telomere lengthening from oocyte to embryonic stem cell, telomere shortening in diabetes mellitus, and transcriptional activity at the telomeres of Chironomus.