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Synonyms for lengthen

Synonyms for lengthen

Antonyms for lengthen

become long or longer

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It's premature to conclude that a change in lifestyle can lengthen a person's telomeres, says Armanios.
It was found that blocking the activity of that activin equivalent, called dawdle, can lengthen a fly's life span by as much as 20 percent, about 10 days.
Summary: Have you noticed a reeeeeeally annoying trend recently for texters to lengthen the vowel count .
MICK EASTERBY has turned several geese into swans during his illustrious career, but the Sheriff Hutton trainer must even have surprised himself with the improvement he has brought out of Shadows Lengthen in the past two months.
There are so many to choose from depending on whether you want yours to plump, lift, curl, separate or lengthen.
Press your hips back and bring your chest toward your head to lengthen your spine.
The compromise often discussed is to establish an alternative commission outside the Legislature to establish district lines and, at the same time, lengthen the term an elected official can serve in one house of the Legislature to 12 years from the current six in the Assembly or eight in the Senate.
In previous studies, scientists found that severely restricting the number of calories that mice and other organisms consume can lengthen their life spans.
Boeing apparently also has decided to lengthen the 747-8 Intercontinental to the same length as the 747-8F to meet demands for greater capacity.
Stretching targets muscles and regions to lengthen muscles that are already warm.
presents Wellness Prescriptions: Simple Steps To A Longer, Healthier Life, a methodical, easy-to-follow guide to healthy living habits that help prevent illness and lengthen one's lifespan.
Bag stretching arms lengthen and keep the bag tensioned as more powder is discharged.
If the shorter time period of five years under Section 802 cannot be used for Section 103, then it would (be) recommended to lengthen the retention period to seven years for uniformity.
Plastic spools used on Continuous Strip PillowPak desiccants control moisture, odor and gas in packaged products to maintain product quality and lengthen product shelf life.