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Synonyms for lengthen

Synonyms for lengthen

Antonyms for lengthen

become long or longer

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The bottom line: It's not clear whether you can do anything to lengthen your telomeres, or whether that would stave off disease or help you live longer.
The researchers began the study armed with the understanding that a reduction in insulin signaling lengthens fly life span because when there is less insulin there is more of a protein called dFOXO.
It was onwards and upwards last month as, in the space of seven days, Shadows Lengthen racked up a hat-trick with a nine-length win from Onemoreandstay followed by a two-length success over Boundless Prospect and a neck victory from Stormy Summer, with James P Sullivan in the saddle on all three occasions.
To explore whether a low body temperature itself lengthens an animal's life, Bruno Conti of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.
The theory of a ridge perturbed in a disk makes a testable prediction: during the next decade, the ridge will continue to lengthen until KH 15D is eclipsed fully 75 percent of the time.
Bag stretching arms lengthen and keep the bag tensioned as more powder is discharged.
If the shorter time period of five years under Section 802 cannot be used for Section 103, then it would (be) recommended to lengthen the retention period to seven years for uniformity.
Plastic spools used on Continuous Strip PillowPak desiccants control moisture, odor and gas in packaged products to maintain product quality and lengthen product shelf life.
To lengthen the runway the airport will need to expand its boundaries and move roadways, railways and power lines away from the path of the new runway, thus creating hundreds of jobs, reported States News Service.
The new formula/brush combination utilizes the latest polymer technology to lengthen, separate and define lashes without clumping.
The purpose of this program is to lengthen the service life of the AWACS system and to sustain and improve its operational capabilities and effectiveness.
About 7 days after surgery the patient is taught by a physician how to lengthen the limb using a process called distraction osteogenesis.
Ligaments lengthen a bit to allow a joint to move, but keep it from going so far that you'd injure yourself.