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duration of service


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The amount in the tender for the execution of the service referred to in item 3) calculated for the maximum length of service (24 months) is 150 000 EUR Excluding VAT, of which EUR 1 760 EUR for costs of security interference is not subject to discount.
Pension parity among the veterans retiring at same rank with same length of service has been a long pending demand.
With drops in both the median and average length of service, there is concern that hospice providers are not reaching the patients and family caregivers who need hospice support in a timely manner.
Replacement rates provided by the first-pillar are determined by a formula based on each worker's length of service and gender.
The ACAS guide Age and the Workplace says that "practices such as last in first out (LIFO) and using length of service in any selection criteria are likely to be age discriminatory".
The program gives employees at least six months of pay -- or more depending on length of service.
Upon the completion of this review, the Management Development and Compensation Committee of Merrill Lynch's Board of Directors determined that to fulfill the objective of retaining high quality personnel, future stock grants should contain more stringent provisions that include a combination of increased age and length of service requirements for employees to be eligible to retire from Merrill Lynch while their stock awards continue to vest, subject to continued compliance with the strict non-compete provisions of those awards.
In Clark, the court relied on Exxon for the proposition that "ERISA allows an employer to limit plan coverage to certain employees, so long as said `discrimination' is not based on age or length of service.
It does also mean that your length of service will continue unbroken, so you will still be considered to have had 10 years' continuous service by the new company you work for.
DOC Holiday's view: It is common for insurance companies to include a length of service clause.
Severance packages ranged from six months' to two years' pay, depending on a manager's job and length of service.
Duval, President and CEO of Robbins & Myers, in recognizing his length of service stated, "His depth of experience in the progressing cavity pump arena will be difficult to replace.
The award must consist of tangible personal property to recognize length of service or safety achievement.
In considering whether to accept or reject the resignation, the Committee and the Board would consider all relevant factors, including the stated reasons why shareholders withheld votes from the director, the length of service and qualifications of the director, the director's contributions to the Company, and the Company's Corporate Governance Guidelines.
In relation to calculation of redundancy pay there may be a link to age or length of service.