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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

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Sometimes all it takes is asking for something at the right point in the loan application/closing cycle, when it's still easy for the lender to alter course and accommodate a borrower's deal point.
651 presents a viable approach to reducing potential lender liability problems under CERCLA for both the private and public sectors.
Discusses the benefits and risks of interest-only mortgages for both customers and lenders.
The rate sheet is completely customized for each lender, with the lender's logo printed on the page.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, with the support of the Federal Reserve Board and other supervisory agencies and the cooperation of mortgage lenders in the Boston area, undertook a major study of mortgage lending in an effort to clarify this issue.
Since launching the CBAC Authorized Lender program in October 2005, CBA Commercial has established partnerships with more than 75 lenders.
This provides your lender with a "face" to attach to a loan application.
You certainly don't want the lender foreclosing on your company and selling part of its assets to recover the original loan.
Courts have imposed lender liability under CERCLA when a lender secured by property forecloses on property or has "participated in the management" of its borrower by virtue of the rights reserved by the lender under its lending and security agreements with the borrower.
Lenders First Choice (LFC), a national provider of settlement services and title insurance, expanded its presence in the settlement services and title insurance marketplace in 2006 by adding new services and key executives.
That's one of the many conclusions found in a new nationwide study of mortgage brokers and their views toward wholesale lenders.
The key is to prepare ahead of time, to formulate a financing plan before you sit down with a potential lender.
651 to limit lender liability for cleanup costs under CERCLA.
pSivida's lender agrees to release the Company from loan covenant necessary to complete specified financing transactions with Nordic Biotech Advisors and gives other relief
Instead, these mortgage insurance companies have chosen to remain focused on the long-term benefits of partnerships with their lender partners.