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The relationship between lendable values in the TAF and the ECB dollar facility changed when eighty-four-day funds were considered.
To ease the availability of funds to banks, RBI has also extended additional support to banks through the repo window to the tune of one per cent of their deposits, which will add `48,000 crore to the banks' lendable resources.
3tn in lendable assets as of March 31, 2010, State Street's Securities Finance business covers 32 equity markets and 21 fixed income markets for approximately 450 clients from more than 30 countries.
These types of distortions were evident on March 16, when Freddie Mac completed a delinquent loan buyout and removed some of its lendable federal funds.
The trebling of lendable resources available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to $750bn.
Data Explorers are the world leader in the provision of securities lending data, with a database containing more than US$13 trillion dollars of loans and lendable assets in over 235,000 equities and fixed income instruments held in 22,000 funds worldwide.
More of the same kind of information, along with a list of the libraries that have lendable copies, can be found from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), AKA FirstSearch database, which is accessible through most large city and university libraries.
Portable, browsable, lendable and still cheap enough that if it disappears from your towel while you're frolicking in the sand, you won't be crushed.
The ratio measures the adequacy of the IMF's liquidity, or lendable funds, and is obtained by dividing such funds by liquid liabilities.
Some final words of warning, however: THIS IS NOT A LENDABLE BOOK--you'll never get it back.
Our job is to get the financial institutions a lendable application," says Conway.
Revolving loan funds are programs offered by states that recycle lendable funds to finance successive generations of projects over an extended period of time.
2 trillion in lendable assets (as of December 31, 2011) on behalf of more than 300 clients.