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Synonyms for lemonwood

hard tough elastic wood of the lemonwood tree

South African evergreen having hard tough wood

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The proposed city would stretch from Oxnard's wealthiest areas in Mandalay Bay and River Ridge to its working-class neighborhoods of Southwinds and Lemonwood into south Oxnard.
For this column, the names degame and lemonwood will be used interchangeably.
The name lemonwood most likely can be traced to the color of the wood, which is a light, rather than bright, yellow.
Marty Talcove of Tropical Exotic Hardwoods, Carlsbad, CA, said they carry lemonwood staves.
Talcove said that while the wood is listed on Tropical Exotic Hardwoods' inventory under the name degame, it is much more commonly known as lemonwood among his users.
Light woods were favored, chiefly figured ash, maple, burr elm, and lemonwood, with attenuated mouldings and delicate marquetry in dark amaranth or palisander," she wrote.
Joseph Elementary School, Mountain View Gledhill Street School, North Hills Frank Junior High School, Oxnard Harrington School, Oxnard Lemonwood School, Oxnard Rose Avenue School, Oxnard Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena Imperial Beach Elementary School, San Diego Park Village Elementary School, San Diego Edenvale Elementary School, San Jose Paloma Elementary School, San Marcos Sanger High School, Sanger Miller Elementary School, Santa Maria William Laird Adam School, Santa Maria Southgate High School, Southgate Herrick Avenue School, Sylmar C.
I've known Larry for many years, and in 1956 he was one of the people who encouraged me to buy my first "grownup" bow in place of the 30-pound lemonwood bow like all of us kids had back then.
Ventura County: Blanchard Elementary, Santa Paula; Briggs Elementary, Santa Paula; El Rio Elementary, Oxnard; Lemonwood Elementary, Oxnard; Manzanita Elementary, Newbury Park; Mar Vista Elementary, Oxnard; Olivelands Elementary, Santa Paula; Parkview Elementary, Port Hueneme; Rio Rosales Elementary, Oxnard; Rose Avenue Elementary, Oxnard; Sierra Linda Elementary, Oxnard; Tierra Vista Elementary, Oxnard; Williams Elementary, Oxnard; Will Rogers Elementary, Ventura.
One of the first "real" bows to come my way was a lemonwood beauty that had belonged to my uncle.
The teen-ager had climbed onto the roof of his aunt's house in the 43000 block of Lemonwood Drive about 2 a.
The second bow down in the rack is a little 15-pound, lemonwood Ben Pearson target bow with which I won my hometown summer league archery contest in 1948.
It is known as the New Zealand lemonwood due to its country of origin and the scent of its leaves when crushed.
Fred built his first lemonwood bow using raw materials from Stemmler Archery, but he soon realized that modern design training didn't help much in the hand-crafting of ancient archery gear.