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Lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lemon-scented geranium and a wonderful range of scents among the scented-leaved geraniums, such as nutmeg, mint-rose, apple and ginger, are joyful.
99, Sainsbury] is dry, crisp, tangy and slightly lemon-scented with some back notes of tropical fruit, perhaps pineapple.
While her "always" ingredient this week isn't as obscure as the lemon-scented tears of angels-type flavourings she normally salivates about, who the heck has smoked mackerel in their fridge on a regular basis?
He showed us how much depends on the lemon-scented garden that was his ancestral village in Lebanon, how important that the 2005 national election in Baghdad was an interlude of dancing in the streets.
The current mouldings are made in a wide variety of colours-including purple: this fashion season's 'in' colour--and are lemon-scented.
Cupressus Goldcrest Wilma, an evergreen conifer with bright green, lemon-scented foliage, is often bought small to add height and foliage contrast to both summer and winter pots, although if planted out its eventual height will be six feet.
Elegant Summer Meal," taught by Lynn Alvarez, features Crab Salad in Won Ton Cups; Roasted New Potatoes Filled With Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese; Sparkling Melon Soup With Cucumber-Mint Cream; Halibut en Papillote With Julienne Vegetables and Lemon-scented Jasmine Rice; and Classic Tiramisu.
Recently, I saw a large bed that was planted exclusively with lemon-scented geraniums.
The lemon-scented duster traps and removes dust, dirt, and hair, and features an eight-way rotating pivot grip handle to get to hard-to-reach spaces.
Good rose-scented types include Camphor Rose and Ashby, which produces deep pink flowers, while lemon-scented varieties include Dainty Maid which produces light pink flowers and Mabel Grey (P.
The bag stays attached to the lemon-scented box and is released by a quick tug, and then replaced by simply pulling another bag up from the box.
The lemon-scented geranium Pelargonium 'Frensham' was grown in 2003 and 2004 in the field at the SC Botanical Garden in Clemson SC.
99--a heck of a lot more than a bottle of lemon-scented ammonia?
Once the scraping and drilling is done, they are provided with lemon-scented towels.
Health-Tec's lemon-scented, alcohol-free formula eliminates the unpleasant odors found in other disinfectants.