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bushy perennial Old World mint having small white or yellowish flowers and fragrant lemon-flavored leaves

lemony leaves used for a tisane or in soups or fruit punches

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I'm very excited about the new Little Remedies Advanced Colic Relief Drops, as it's a chamomile herbal blend with fennel seed extract and lemon balm which is great for colicky babies.
Lemon balm has been used to improve cognitive performance and increase a feeling of calmness as well.
The anti-hyperglycaemic and antihyperlipidaemic effects of lemon balm
with a metal blade, place lemon balm and sugar and pulse
Both 59ml shots contain chamomile, rosehip, lemon balm, passion flower and hops, while Quick to Sleep (rsp: [pounds sterling]2.
The varied environments provide an ideal growing medium for tansies, chives, garlic, parsley, and chamomile in the middle level, and lemon balm, coriander, and moisture-loving mints at the base.
One such combination is the Swiss product Ze 185, a fixed combination of herbal extracts from valerian (Valeriana officinalis), passionflower (Passiflora spp) and lemon balm (Melissa spp) (the three combination product).
The line includes natural hydrating products made with active naturals and certified organics including white and green tea, organic aloe, and a lemon balm and comfrey complex which hydrates and moisturizes to reduce the appearance of fine lines on skin.
Lift and divide five-year-ld clumps of perennial herbs such as bergamot and lemon balm, discarding the old woody centres and replanting in new positions.
Her 75 recipes include old favourites like Strawberry and Lemon Curd, as well as new combinations such as Clementine and Lemon Balm Jelly, and Cherry-Berry Conserve.
Prescribed as a medicinal herb since ancient Greek times, lemon balm has long been known to relieve anxiety, promote sleep, and sooth agitation.
Lift and divide invasive herbs, eg mint and lemon balm, or grow in pots.
It has a refreshing combination of fresh organic apple, lemon balm infusion and sweet vanilla giving it a fruity taste.
That's lemon balm, remember, the herb that makes us feels happy.