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the basic unit of money in Albania

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In 2006, 8 leks were active and lek counts (maximum number of males counted in a morning) averaged 11 males (lek 2/24 = 1, lek 10/11 = 12, lek 16 = 25, lek 22 = 7, lek 30 = 18, lek 31C = 9, lek 34 = 11, lek 35 = 6).
The new study found that the yellow males within leks are more closely related than males between leks.
Objectives of this study were to compare composition of vegetation, including shinnery oak and honey mesquite, at historically and currently active leks and in the pastures that contain them.
1992) found that the most successful males on black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) leks were less often infected by Leucocytozoon spp.
At each monitoring site along transects, surveyors listened for 3-5 minutes for calls made by lesser prairie chickens on leks.
Also, he notes a paradox: Males in leks differ from each other even after generations of females choose the same traits.
He takes six to nine almonds, roasted and salted, and wraps them in a page from one of Hoxha's books; each package of nuts retails for five leks.
Lead researcher Pedro Olea, a scientist from the IE University School of Biology in Santa Cruz, Spain, and colleagues observed the birds on mating grounds called leks.
The leks provide a rare opportunity for conservationists to monitor black grouse and RSPB Cymru will visit sites across Wales to count the numbers of males and see if their three-year Recovery Project to bring black grouse back from the brink of extinction has been successful.
Typically, the number of active leks varies among and within years for a defined population of prairie grouse (Tympanuchus spp.
So many leks and so much new music may have arisen because no lek can get very large, Gaunt speculates.
European populations range from nonterritorial males courting individual estrous females, to both resource-defense and female-defense harem systems and to leks (Langbein and Thirgood, 1989; Moore et al.
The re-branding was completed in 2005, with the exception of Lek, which remains a separate Slovenia-based company for the time being.