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the basic unit of money in Albania

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This study provides an example of context dependence in the quantity component of seed dispersai effectiveness mediated by the location of fruiting plants in relation to lek areas.
The council of 13 members, including the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and four ministers, have taken the decision to incorporate workers who had gained the necessary skills after five years of in-house training or on-the-job experience, Dr Soi Lek added.
The Company's estimated sales exclude LEK air compressor operation, which was spun off in January of 2009.
The lek is mesmerising, and every bit as skilful and exciting as any mating dance you will see.
The youngest in a well-to-do Thai family, Lek was only allowed to meet Ron once every four weeks for six months - and then with an army of chaperones present.
The grouse leks continue despite the wintry weather, whereas summer migration has stuttered this week.
We used logistic regression (Hosmer and Lemeshow 2000) to contrast locations where lek sites occurred (1) with locations where CG were absent (0).
Telescopes and binoculars are provided to help visitors get the best view of the birds, plus a microphone will bring the strange calls of the lek even closer.
Nine Months Operating Results - Excluding Revenue from LEK
During the summer I get a lot of fresh air and good light,' says Mr Lek, whose work is exhibited at galleries across Wales including the Albany, Cardiff, and the Attic, Swansea.
The Crawford plan called for massive removal of juniper that was encroaching into the sagebrush, brush beating (or mowing) to open up lek (areas for display and courtship behavior) and changes to cattle grazing.
They welcome "satellites," nonaggressive males that fly from lek to lek, sometimes accompanied by females.
The Princess Beatrix locks lay on the Lek Canal which connects Amsterdam-Rhine Canal to the Lek River (part of the Rhine River).
Males in lek mating systems aggregate on arenas (leks) which females visit for breeding; males provide no parental care or resources to females, other than genetic material (Hoglund and Alatalo 1995).