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Synonyms for leisurely

Synonyms for leisurely

careful and slow in acting, moving, or deciding

Synonyms for leisurely

not hurried or forced

Related Words

in an unhurried way or at one's convenience


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Average sleep and vigorous leisurely activity three to six times per week significantly decreased stroke risk, the researchers elucidated.
Carluccio's deli will be brimming with freshly made dishes available for a leisurely lunch by the bay, including tasty ciabatta sandwiches, Piadina (Italian flat bread), fresh salads and sweet treats.
Alongside brisk walking, other activities that would count include cycling at a leisurely pace, dancing, swimming at a leisurely pace, gardening and vacuuming combined with other housework.
In a world where speed is an almost universal obsession, the idea of making a leisurely journey in comfort is a welcome contrast," he added.
SIR - When I have the time for a leisurely drive in the countryside, occasionally I will notice one or two cars directly behind me who are obviously in more of a hurry than myself, but will be unable to pass on the narrow roads.
In countless films, a moneymaking bettor is depicted as a brash character with a leisurely lifestyle.
On hitting a lengthy hold-up en route, our leisurely lunch in Inverness was cancelled and turned into a 45-minute pit-stop in Pitlochry - managing to squeeze in a three-course Indian only thanks to a combination of swift service and a lack of chewing.
This lovely, intelligent book reads like rich, leisurely conversation, perhaps outside a French cafe over coffee served in bowls.
The story plays out leisurely -- perhaps too leisurely -- yet results in a solid, resonant adaptation.
They expected the trip to be a leisurely two hours.
The pacing is leisurely but suspenseful, sucking in the attention of the reader much as the house does to Mira and Domingo.
The work embarked at a leisurely pace, with three women dozing in a suspended, tube-shaped frame until a man in a suit jacket ambled onstage, lit up, and offered a cigarette to each of them.
Organised by Cherwell District Council, all walks are free of charge and are classified as leisurely, moderate or brisk according to the terrain and pace adopted by the guide.
The text is written in a leisurely style that is as engaging to browse for pleasure as it is filled with practical information.
Burke took the group on a leisurely and informative one-hour walking tour, including a detailed description of the areas changing urban landscape; all the while encouraging students to return within the next couple of years to witness Downtown Brooklyn's metamorphosis.