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time available for ease and relaxation

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Their views have been used to develop the new "Places to go, things to do" strategy, aimed at ensuring children and young people in County Durham can take part in a wide range of activities in their leisure time.
The hotel was unsuitable for disabled and all letters to Leisure time have been ignored.
Exercising during leisure time had the opposite effect, slowing the buildup of fatty material in the arteries.
Joan Crowder, a graduate of Kansas University and former Accounting Manager has been named as the new Controller for Leisure Time Casinos & Resorts, Inc.
Release from the treadmill of work can bring enjoyable leisure time, closer family ties and better physical health.
The team then calculated the amount of leisure time each participant had spent between ages 20 and 60 on each of three types of activities.
Fifty-one percent note that they have two hours or less of personal leisure time per weekday, and 28% indicate that they have an hour or less.
Automation and mechanization had made everyday tasks easier, giving people more leisure time and more time for camp experiences.
Pop music is about leisure time, and slackers have all the leisure time in the world.
This report explores the demographics of young adults, their shopping and purchasing behaviour, how they spend their leisure time, how they use the Internet, and how a wide range of major brands position and promote their products to young adults through TV ads.
London, Mar 7 ( ANI ): British women are way ahead when it comes to getting leisure time, as they have on average more than five-and-a-half hours downtime every day, researchers have found.
Battle time dictated leisure time as the ruthless nature of large scale combat frequently expanded surgeons and nurses' working hours.
The millennial showdown on whether or not history repeats itself and civil society returns, as it did in the early 1900s, will be determined by who wins the battle for the leisure time of the American public.
When asked their views on "the relationship between work and leisure time," 39% of Americans say, "Work is the important thing--and the purpose of leisure time is to recharge people's batteries so they can do a better job.