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time available for ease and relaxation

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When I first came up to London I had rooms in Montague Street, just round the corner from the British Museum, and there I waited, filling in my too abundant leisure time by studying all those branches of science which might make me more efficient.
This narrative is from the pen of Monsieur Maleine, the Registrar, who, like the examining magistrate, had spent some of his leisure time in the pursuit of literature.
MEN in the UK enjoy almost five more hours of leisure time a week than women, according to official analysis.
MEN have nearly five more hours leisure time a week than women.
IT'S a fact that might cause a few rows - North East men enjoy nearly four-and-a-half hours more leisure time a week than the region's women.
Technological improvements and reduced prices for online video games have increased the attractiveness of leisure time for young men and may be contributing to declining hours of work, according to the researchers of Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men (NBER Working Paper No.
Narendra Modi likes to take photographs in his free time, while Rahul Gandhi spends his leisure time in drag racing and paragliding.
One of the areas that represent everyday life and show strength and resistance in human lives is the area of leisure time (1).
Due to the socio-economic and cultural change in peoples lives, they tend to use this leisure time for positive activities which improve their quality of life.
The time families spend together has important social implications, and shared leisure time as a couple may promote marital satisfaction and stability.
The authors said that the findings added to the literature by suggesting that the combination of high physical activity and low leisure time sitting is a stronger protective factor against becoming obese than either behaviour on its own.
A recent analysis of 13 studies involving more than 130,000 people found that individuals who exercise at least four hours a week in their leisure time have a 19-percent lower risk of high blood pressure, compared with those who don't exercise much.
The Cardiff and Vale Community Links project gives disabled children a chance to get out and enjoy their leisure time and socialise outside their home.
Nowadays, not only this attention no decrease but also the gravity of leisure time increases [1].