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Justice in Sudan, or anywhere else for that matter, cannot be obtained through such practices which are at best "unhelpful" and at worse could be used by the international order's self-appointed policemen to further legitimatise their destructive policies of "intervention" -- economic sanctions, war, and the rest.
Effective local campaigning is one thing' the use of that to legitimatise an abhorrent ideology is quite another.
Abortion and euthanasia are crimes which no human law can claim to legitimatise.
He is said to have purchased properties worth more than BD1 million in an attempt to legitimatise the funds and is accused of conspiring to transfer some of the money to fugitives in Iran.
So basically we are being immodest, and possibly sinful, for detailing a crime during the age when a former Islamist parliamentarian proposed a law to the Islamist dominated parliament to legitimatise sleeping with the dead, to allow necrophilia in our "modest" country.