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the act of rendering a person legitimate

the act of making lawful

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42) Other states allowed for legitimation by judicial decree.
22) Van Leeuwen's concept of legitimation serves as the category system in order to identify the legitimation narratives in the films.
Similar to "network" legitimation work that seeks recognition from colleagues (Thumala et al.
For the government, the rapprochement is not easy at all, as the Cuban Revolution receives its legitimation from its animosity toward the USA," Hoffmann says.
which/who are (de)legitimated; communication strategies: legitimation strategies (credit claiming, credit granting, requesting others to perform certain actions in the future) and delegitimation strategies (admiting mistakes, blame shifting, requesting others to stop from performing certain actions).
To the extent that the people do not perceive their representatives to be responsive to public opinion, speech as democratic legitimation is undermined.
The volume begins with three theoretical chapters that discuss general concepts and challenges of legitimacy and legitimation in relation to IOs and, in doing so, offer some original insights on these wider theoretical questions.
As with the Guyer rule, the Department of State's legitimation exception would become a standard interpretive gloss on the jus sanguinis citizenship statute.
The study focuses on the ways in which collective identities (for example, kinship and Islam) shape institutional arrangements at the local level of governance, particularly in relation to the commitment of local people to differentiated power structures, the legitimation of political and economic claims and the rights of individual actors, and the stabilization of contested socio-political situations.
beaucoup moins que] La constitution assurera la promotion et la protection des droits fondamentaux des citoyennes et des citoyens ainsi que la legitimation democratique de ses institutions [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t- elle affirme.
Eriksen distinguishes between democracy as a legitimation principle and an organizational principle.
In democratic theory the notion of trust is debated in connection with two forms of legitimation: input legitimation through the inclusion of, e.
Although attempting to produce an Afrocentric approach, Omale spends a great deal of time focusing on the debates that have played out in other localities, predominantly Europe, Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand, and, as shown by his reflections throughout the text on the ways that he analysed the data, he is aware that these debates have framed his approach and hence his categories may not have developed organically (this is a potential reason why the legitimation crisis does not make as significant a contribution as I feel that it could towards the end of the book).
The doctors, primary care physicians in Baltimore, said less things to these patients to convey "empathy, legitimation, concern, reassurance, partnership, and self-disclosure" during the course of a patient visit.
Die sakrale Legitimation Sesostris' I: Kontaktphanomene in konigsideologischen Texten.