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HRH the Prime Minister underlined the need to preserve hard-won national gains, praising the role of the legislative branch in backing the government's efforts to promote coordination with brotherly and friendly countries to serve Bahrain's interests.
Trust in the legislative branch is only slightly better than trust in the executive branch, with 47% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in Congress.
FISMA establishes stronger lines of management responsibility for information security and provides for substantial oversight by the legislative branch.
He thanked the legislative branch for its keenness on the national interest, stressing the government's interest in consolidating cooperation between the executive and legislative branches to serve the nation and achieve citizens' aspirations.
Also, "term limits would increase the influence of the executive branch at the expense of the legislative branch.
Gray Davis' veto of Floyd's bill, AB 84, included a blistering lecture to the legislative branch, calling the lawmakers' behavior ``the worst kind of end-of-session maneuvering.
HRH the Prime Minister said that he always welcomes contacting members of the Legislative Branch to approximate ideas and stances on ways to enhance the national action march, affirming that the two branches share the same ultimate goal of serving the nation and its people.
Emboldened by popular support, the Bush administration has increasingly begun to exercise powers rightly given to the Legislative Branch alone.
dismiss the complaint to avoid meddling in the internal affairs of the legislative branch.
Congress should quickly send the states a constitutional amendment to ensure that the Legislative Branch and the federal government can continue to operate in case of a major attack on the nation's leaders.
5 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has affirmed the government's constant keenness on broadening the scope of Executive-Legislature cooperation, giving the fact that the Legislative Branch is the government's essential partner in the national work march, stressing that the regional security and economic situation requires concerted national efforts in order to overcome the current phase safely.
We encourage members of the Senate to introduce a similar measure in their legislative branch.
i)t is our judgment, based upon this constitutional history, that the Framers of the United States Constitution intended that the President should be removable by the legislative branch only for serious misconduct dangerous to the system of government established by the Constitution.
Lenhardt will be responsible for business development activities with federal, state and local agencies, with a special emphasis on expanding Shaw's relationship with the legislative branch of the federal government.
The aim, he explained, is to gather the needed information during the registration period in preparation for the implementation phase when the needed mechanism is worked out by the joint committee between the government and the legislative branch.
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