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On Thursday, the Sudanese president, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, demanded the national legislative body comprised of the parliament and the council of states to conduct a comprehensive review for the experience of the decentralised governance.
The legislative body directed the ministry of water and power to give details of agreements with twenty eight IPPs operating in the country.
The Supreme Constitutional Court has not announced a date to continue hearings that could result in the dissolution of the upper legislative body, as it has suspended all work until further notice.
The 2012 legislative body was dominated by lawmakers affiliated with influential tribes and religious groups.
During his tenure, Beijing's legislative body has in three occasions interpreted Hong Kong's Basic Law and overruled local court's decisions.
Summary: A powerful Iranian legislative body is drafting a new vote law in an attempt to avoid violence in future elections, but conservative hardliners warned the legislation would likely usher in a new era
9, which provides that "[a] lawyer representing a client before a legislative body or administrative agency in a non-adjudicative proceeding shall disclose that the appearance is in a representative capacity and shall conform to the provisions of Rules 3.
Speaking at the end of the parliament's open session here today, member of the Parliament's Presiding Board Hassan Qafouri Fard said the Iran-Oman agreement is among the various bills sent to the legislative body for verification and approval.
Mr Mousavi has appealed to the Islamic Republic's top legislative body to annul the result because of what he alleges were irregularities, a charge the Interior Ministry and Mr Ahmadinejad have dismissed.
Defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi on Sunday appealed against Iran's elections result to the legislative body, the Guardian Council, a statement on his website said.
Which other legislative body within this government has the say to either pass this law or not?
It is humbling to be so well thought of by this auspicious legislative body and to be entered into the record of the great State of New Jersey.
John Lynch and the state legislative body by the end of November.
An organization attempts to influence legislation by contacting, or urging the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purposes of proposing, supporting or opposing legislation, or by advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation.
SANTA CLARITA - The recent Superior Court ruling that determined the Agua Dulce Town Council was a legislative body governed by the state's open-meetings law sent shock waves through town councils surrounding the sleepy equestrian community that borders Santa Clarita.
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