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What is the motive of legislating a new act is beyond comprehension" remarked the Chief Justice, adding that legislating at this speed was definitely not a prudent tradition to evolve.
Faith, reason, and consent; legislating morality in early American states.
Sir Ken Macdonald said that the evidence had shown that the existing 28-day limit was working well and he accused ministers of legislating on the basis of "hypotheticals".
Sir Ken Macdonald said evidence had shown that the existing 28-day limit was working well and he accused ministers of legislating on the basis of "hypotheticals".
3) She also anticipated Christopher Forth's complementary analysis of the anxieties concerning modernity and masculinity that informed discussions surrounding manhood understood in terms of paternity, national identity, and the survival of the French nation in The Dreyfus Affair and the Crisis of French Manhood (4) and neatly dovetails with Jean Pedersen's simultaneously developed discussion of "social dramas" that revealed social concerns and gender inequalities in the Third French Republic in Legislating the French Family: Feminism, Theater and Republican Politics, 1870-1920.
He will leave legislating to the legislators, while striving to uphold the law as he finds it in judicial precedents, statute laws and the Constitution as originally understood.
We believe that our elected officials should focus less energy on legislating religion itself, and should spend more effort on legislating good policies based on the fundamental moral values shared by all our citizens," the group stated in its letter.
As a nonsmoker I don't like this hypocritical, ridiculous legislating away another freedom.
Section 2 addresses the notion that Christians should be concerned with legislating justice in lieu of legislating morality.
Jeb Bush for expressing the opinion that judges "don't need to be legislating, even if our legislature is imperfect, even if the governor is a crazy son of a gun.
The court also held that RLUIPA did not violate the Tenth Amendment by legislating in areas reserved to the states, because the Act merely regulated states' activity and gave states the option to comply or to forego federal funding.
As previously discussed, Congress was legislating against the backdrop of hotly-debated and well-publicized rules.
This time-span needs to be shortened, it declares, especially when legislating in technological or market-driven fields.
Thank you for Stephen Pomper's article concerning the Reagan-Bush judicial appointees legislating while in judicial robes.
They, like voters nationwide, are also coming to understand that we will not get what we want or need out of medical care by legislating it.