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Synonyms for leggy

(of plants) having tall spindly stems

having long legs

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What made it worse was the interviewer pointing out if Leggy could predict the future he would have seen that electrocution long before it happened and scarpered.
Will get someone to call you and arrange to come and do that and I will make sure they have the upside down thingie and the little leggy things for the back.
By now, the leggy intern was skillfully working the room for free drinks.
While he was at Swansea Shoot magazine came and measured Leggy throwing the ball 46.
Leggy Penny, whose son Alistair is now two, has always said she wanted another nipper.
Which TV presenter has said she is not "some leggy, pouty bird" in reaction to claims of ageism by the BBC?
TV presente Kirsty Young poses for a glamorous photoshoot while declaring: "I'm not some leggy, pouty bird.
TV presenter Kirsty Young poses for a glamorous photoshoot while declaring: "I'm not some leggy, pouty bird.
Then there's the artist Xu Yi Hui, who fondly (and somewhat pathetically) recalls getting off on those leggy Detachment women as an adolescent -- a showwoman as much as an ideologue, Madame Mao made sure that her revolutionary babes looked hot.
Is it possible to revive those straggly, sticky petunias, leggy busy lizzies and dried out lobelia?
Flying male formations filled the stage in anticipation of Silja Schandorff, a leggy, yearling beauty, who appeared and dominated Bowman's attention.
THAT Rod Stewart's leggy girlfriend Penny Lancaster should choose to flash her buttocks to all and sundry is perhaps not surprising.
It is easy to grow, thriving in reasonable soil in sun or partial shade, but does need pruning regularly or it will become leggy and bare.
Leggy Lou is the fastest juvenile filly seen out so far and should win the Peugeot Lowther Stakes (2.