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Synonyms for legation

Synonyms for legation

a diplomatic office or headquarters in a foreign country


Synonyms for legation

the post or office of legate

a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister

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But that did not satisfy Iran, which ordered its legation in Washington to close down and come home--although it allowed the American legation to remain in Tehran and thus did not break diplomatic relations.
Today, the legation houses the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM), whose board is composed of scholars, diplomats and leaders from the private sector.
In May 1953, Sri Lanka established a Legation in Tokyo.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Iceland 9 Ocean 10 Eland 11 Settled 12 Ski 13 Driveway 16 Inkwells 17 Roe 19 Stiffen 21 Madam 22 Extol 23 Surgeon DOWN: 1 Finesse 2 Legation 3 Hand 4 Fortress 5 Real 6 Snide 8 Disciplines 13 Downfall 14 Abridged 15 Germany 18 Islet 20 Iota 21 More QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Pillow fight 8 Doc 9 Are 1 Elevate 12 Ad-lib 13 Cod 14 Loo 15 Sizzled 17 Rot 19 Ally 21Wage 23 Tuna 25 Fool 27 Yes 29 Invader 31 Emu 34 See 36 Loner 37 Receive 38 Dad 39 Del 40 Nosey parker DOWN: 1 Polo 2 Iced 3 Leading 4Wheeze 5 Image 6 Hall 7 Trio 8 Decor 10 Ebony 16 Dan 18 Two 20 Lay 22 Ali 24 Used car 25 Field 26 Pair up 28 Steel 30 Nerve 32 Moan 33 Undo 34 Side 35 Ever
The architecture of embassies and legation buildings says much about the character and power of the nations that have erected, or acquired them, as well as about the historical circumstances that gave rise to the need for a diplomatic presence.
This approach was criticized, an author calling it "astonishingly equivocal" and a missed "opportunity to reaffirm [the Court's] incorporation decisions in Re Foreign Legation, Re Armed Forces, and Fraser-Brace".
His first legation leaves a significantly more extensive record, with a total of nineteen documents (See Table 1).
His diplomatic career began in 1909 when he was appointed a secretary of legation in Honduras (witnessing a revolution in that country, he later noted that "Central American revolutions of this character were not the opera-bouffe affairs which they are commonly supposed to be").
There is a plaque in the chancel to his son William Campbell Manley who was secretary of Legation at Copenhagen in the mid 19th century.
Officials at the legation in Lisbon advised against the Paris route because gasoline was scarce and the Nazis unlikely to permit a drive into Germany.
Another letter addressed to Sulu Datu Punjungan Kiram from the British Legation in Manila dated October 18, 1950 confirms the legation's preparedness to pay the sultanate the sum of 1,301.
The Canaries host Everton today, holding a six-point cushion above the re legation places.