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Synonyms for legation

Synonyms for legation

a diplomatic office or headquarters in a foreign country


Synonyms for legation

the post or office of legate

a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister

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Today, the legation houses the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM), whose board is composed of scholars, diplomats and leaders from the private sector.
In Kabul in the 1920s, following Britain's third military assault on Afghanistan, a classical legation house was built, designed by Basil Sullivan, which Lord Curzon, Foreign Secretary, was determined to make the best such house in Asia.
A natural departure point of a discussion of the reception of customary international law is the Supreme Court's decision in Re Foreign Legations (22) In this case, the Court considered the power of Ontario municipal corporations to levy taxes for municipal purposes against buildings housing legations owned by several foreign states in the national capital region.
They arrived in Stockholm on April 22, but no one at the legation had heard about any hidden aircraft.
Legation as a pretext for dismissing him, the real reason being Anderson's rejection of medical work as a valid missionary vocation.
There is a plaque in the chancel to his son William Campbell Manley who was secretary of Legation at Copenhagen in the mid 19th century.
Officials at the legation in Lisbon advised against the Paris route because gasoline was scarce and the Nazis unlikely to permit a drive into Germany.
His diplomatic career began in 1909 when he was appointed a secretary of legation in Honduras (witnessing a revolution in that country, he later noted that "Central American revolutions of this character were not the opera-bouffe affairs which they are commonly supposed to be").
Furthermore, it considers his position in relation to Becket, Canterbury, and the Scottish bishops and (suffusing both acta and issues of primacy) the fact of his papal legation.
Born in Battle Ground, Indiana; graduated from DePauw University (1926); attended basic school in Philadelphia with temporary duty assignments both at home and in Tientsin (1926-28); served at Quantico, Pensacola, and San Diego (1928-29); assigned to USS Maryland (1929-31); company officer, San Diego and Puget Sound (1931-33); temporary duty with Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho and New Jersey (1933-34); served with 4th Marines in Shanghai and at American legation in Beijing (1934-36); student and then instructor with junior officer course at Quantico (1937-40); 6th Marines.
51) As instructed, Pratt made contact with British Minister, Sir Josiah Crosby, at the British Legation in Bangkok and was immediately enlisted by Crosby to head off a military pact between Thailand and Japan.
American ministers and ambassadors are dealt with in this book, which covers the Moscow embassy of the United States and its predecessor legation from 1780 (with Minister Francis Dana) to 1992 (with Ambassador Robert S.
legation in Switzerland that Hitler had ordered the extermination of all Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe.
James's Street, you can find custom shoes and hats, and look at the homesand a plaque commemorating the Republic of Texas's 1842 45 legation on Pickering Place.