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someone to whom a legacy is bequeathed

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Pursuant to article 1067 Civil Code, the inheritance creditors are entitled to be paid with priority over the legatees.
These themes are Handel's life, the culture and context of the period, the lives of Handel's friends and legatees, and Handel's music.
As mentioned above, in the situation when an inheritance is partitioned, the following entities may be plaintiff: legal heirs, universal legatees, the ones with universal title and the legatees with particular title.
113) Some details from this audit survive because of the legal actions undertaken by a number of people: namely, Benjamin Burton's legatees (his younger children); Samuel Burton's heir, Benjamin Burton, junior; Daniel Falkiner; and Mary, Countess of Kildare on behalf of her deceased husband Robert and other, unnamed, creditors.
The elements in fact and law giving rise to the rights and powers of heirs, legatees or executors of wills
O'Shaughnessy argues throughout the book that Washington's prophecy was essentially correct, that it became much easier for later British and skeptical American legatees alike to write off the king as mad; Cornwallis as lazy; Burgoyne as a glib aristocrat; and all of the commanders as inexperienced, unused to la petite guerre, or simply reactionary mediocrities.
Among the scholars who devoted their academic work to the study of Wittgenstein's thought, Georg Henrik von Wright, one of the original legatees of Wittgenstein's literary estate, played a crucial role in the development of both the interpretative and philological fields.
Moreover, he finds it more than slightly odd that the old Harvard of legatees and jocks, frat boys and failures, geniuses and jerks, was in many respects more intellectually diverse, and in some respects more culturally diverse, than its modern counterpart.
The UTC now codifies "no contest clauses" in trusts (and wills) providing the grantor (and testator) a clear procedure for reducing the likelihood of post-mortem litigation--especially important in second family situations or when your business succession plan may call for unequal distributions amongst beneficiaries or legatees.
The will also provided that if any of the legatees predeceased Tatum Sr.
Modernity is an abomination, a daily disgrace to a JudeoChristian heritage whose legatees we are, and the Church needs to challenge our culture at every turn.
The awarding of compensation to slaveholders (between 1834 and 1835 the commission made more than 40,000 grants) signaled the end of British slavery but, according to Draper, it also ushered in "a feeding frenzy in Britain amongst those who owned slaves, those whose families had once owned slaves, and those such as annuitants, mortgagees and legatees who benefited financially in other ways from slavery" (p.
Article 16: Property: (1) All persons shall have the right in any part of Namibia to acquire, own and dispose of all forms of immovable and movable property individually or in association with others and to bequeath their property to their heirs or legatees, provided that Parliament may by legislation prohibit or regulate as it deems expedient the right to acquire property by persons who are not Namibian citizens.
McFaul dismisses Hong Kong and Singapore as exceptions to the rule that liberalism does not evolve from autocracy, alluding to the fact that those policies were the legatees of a British colonial tradition that bequeathed to them a legacy of the rule of law, civil liberties, and honest administration.
It provides details and intelligent analysis of the parties, leaders and ideologies found amongst the political organisations of the post-Soeharto era that may be seen as the legatees of the Masyumi Islamist party of the 1950s.