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someone to whom a legacy is bequeathed

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The Admission into Possession of the Universal Legatee
6901(h) provides that the term "transferee" includes "donee, heir, legatee, devisee, and distributee.
Regarding the plaintiff quality of the legatee with particular title, the doctrine expressed different opinions.
The treaty said that a diplomat also enjoys immunity from its civil and administrative jurisdiction except in the case of: (a) a real action relating to private immovable property situated in the territory of the receiving State, unless he holds it on behalf of the sending State for the purposes of the mission; (b) an action relating to succession in which the diplomatic agent is involved as executor, administrator, heir or legatee as a private person and not on behalf of the sending State; (c) an action relating to any professional or commercial activity exercised by the diplomatic agent in the receiving State outside his official functions.
However after the cardinal's own death the residual legatee, Joseph Bonaparte, erstwhile King of Spain, objected to the bequest on the grounds that since the academy was not yet operating it did not exist.
Micromax Canvas Blaze HD ,the legatee of Micromax's Canvas Blaze smartphone, sports 5-inch IPS display with a 720x1280 pixels resolution and runs on Android 4.
Even during a very brief period ever since its coming into power, the Nawaz-led Pakistan Muslim League-N government has proved to be a true legatee of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his party Pakistan Muslim League that achieved landmark target of creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub-Continent.
Britain's contribution to political values is a historical legacy - and no greater legatee exists than India.
Furthermore, Ali Talpur wrote, "Pakistan, by claiming to be the legatee of the glory of Islam burdened itself with heavy historical baggage.
A legatee, in different senses, of both Derridean deconstruction and the critical theory of the Frankfurt School, Stiegler's work represents a challenging and stimulating synthesis for sympathisers and critics alike.
In an unpublished opinion, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that a disclaimer by a legatee did not result in a lapsed bequest under Mississippi state law that would have resulted in taxable gifts of property passing to the legatee's heirs.
I am the legatee of Neanderthal man, crouching in the mouth of a rude cave, fearfully gnawing on a haunch of something he managed to kill.
If you have evidence that a pecuniary legatee has not suffered a reduction you should ask the executors to show you the accounts.
Robert taught us to understand those dark times, to see ourselves in the unfolding of that tradition, and indeed he saw himself as Matthiessen's and Arvin's legatee.
In all of these guises, she embodied the earnest and problematic dilettantism by which the West began to court what it considered the wisdom and beauty of the East during the late nineteenth century; in these guises as well, she helped in her small way to stimulate the Orientalizing modernism whose chief avatars were Whistler, Yeats, and Pound (famously the legatee of Fenollosa's papers).