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As I have already told you, witnesses are not legally necessary to make a marriage in Scotland.
Was her husband, to whom it legally belonged, to make it over to her as a free gift?
An alien, therefore, legally incapacitated for certain rights in the latter, may, by previous residence only in the former, elude his incapacity; and thus the law of one State be preposterously rendered paramount to the law of another, within the jurisdiction of the other.
For though legally at liberty to do as he chose, and though their daughter-in-law's qualifications could make no practical difference to their lives, in the probability of her living far away from them, he wished for affection's sake not to wound their sentiment in the most important decision of his life.
Another ruined suitor, who periodically appears from Shropshire and breaks out into efforts to address the Chancellor at the close of the day's business and who can by no means be made to understand that the Chancellor is legally ignorant of his existence after making it desolate for a quarter of a century, plants himself in a good place and keeps an eye on the judge, ready to call out "My Lord
And then it had been that he had legally wed one of his slaves that he might have a son to stand among the jeds when Nutus died and a new jeddak was chosen.
Nevertheless there was the mortgage, properly and legally drawn up and signed, with a record of the payments of interest through a number of years.
But though death is existentially and physically evil, it is not necessarily morally or legally wrong.
Moreover, the parties also had to sign a paper lease agreement since Maryland state law did not recognize digital signatures as legally binding (though new legislation is pending).
After this issuance the covenant to budget and appropriate legally available non-ad valorem revenue secures approximately 66% of the county's outstanding debt.
We fingerprint everyone and do a criminal background check, but it is up to each department to certify that someone is eligible to work,'' Whelan said, noting that includes requiring a birth certificate, photo identification or documents showing they are in the country legally and eligible to hold a job.
Same-sex couples legally married in Massachusetts beginning May 17 have since been denied a variety of things, including health care benefits and U.
6015(c) provides relief from joint liability for taxpayers no longer married, legally separated or not living together.
A corporation is, legally, a kind of fictional "person," separate and distinct from the people who own shares or other ownership rights in it.
If marriage is defined to include only two people of opposite sex, lesbians and gay men must remain legally "single" for their whole life, even if they are in a relationship that is otherwise identical to a heterosexual marriage.