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a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws

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The broader aspects of the Pakistani and Chinese legal system also need to be understood.
One may be certain that the vast majority of litigants in Pakistan would agree that the legal system in this country tends to compound and prolong their misery rather than mitigating it.
An additional three juristictions--including the 11th Circuit of Florida--have also received grants to support their efforts as they work to reduce cost and delay in the legal system.
The role of Bar Associations towards the dispensation of justice and legal systems is of great significance, Tayyab claimed.
The book is divided into two parts: Part I's five chapters address the nature of an objective legal system and Part II's three chapters examine the implications of that view for judicial review.
Connors uses Dundalli's involvement in the attack on John Gregor's station in 1846 and his subsequent arrest, trial and eventual execution in 1855 to expose the violence on the frontier and the inherent inequality of the British legal system.
THE view that Wales is too small to run its own legal system does not stand up to scrutiny, according to Tory barrister David Gordon Hughes, one of the leading advocates of the idea.
So this suggests that the public sphere should be designed with reference to a single legal system that would emerge out of consensus among different groups, but the public and private spheres could also be governed by multiple legal systems.
As part of its efforts to help businesses understand the legal aspects and framework of doing business in the emirate, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently organised a workshop in collaboration with Global Advocates and Legal Consultants, on the unique legal system based on civil and common laws and Sharia.
The legal system in Britain is entirely independent of politicians and this is a key principle in my view of democracy: the judiciary and legal system should be independent of politicians.
Ahmedabad: The UK Minister of Courts and Legal Aid Shailesh Vara on Wednesday said he has initiated a debate with his Indian counterpart on the need to open up India's legal system for international law firms.
I AM outraged to find that Sharia Law is being enshrined into the British legal system.
The entire legal system of Pakistan is based on the Shariah.
The term legal consciousness captures this broader psychological importance of the law and legal system, and can be described as the implicit and explicit assumptions--or schema--people have about the law (Nielsen, 2000; Silbey, 2005).