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a professional relation that is regulated by law (as between a lawyer and a client)

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In principle, the subjects of the legal relation of obligations are individualized from the very beginning of the bond, but there may be situations when the active subject is only determinable and not determined.
are confused blends of the legal relation and its object as well as the
position of any other subject of the legal relation.
sell," but each smaller subset of legal relations still may be
It employs Wesley Hohfeld's categories of legal relations (30) to show the gradual development from more one-sided review of underenforcement claims to more symmetrical review over time that included overenforcement.
the obligation to do is the obligation of a debtor of a legal relation to perform a positive promise, which may consist in performing an action, a work or a service (Popescu and Anca, 1968: 11); obligations to do are the following: the contractor's obligation to build a building, the depositary's obligation to return the property received in deposit, the tenant's obligation to pay rent, the doctor's duty to provide medical services, the carrier's obligation to make a transport, etc.
The existence of such a category of subjects of the environmental legal relations is regarded differently in doctrine and sometimes controversial.
Since the prescription is qualified in Romanian private international law, as a matter of substance of the contract, it is subject to the law governing the substance of the legal relation.
Name withheld ATHE law presumes there is no legal relation between relatives which, in your case, would mean there would be no legal obligation on your brother to pay the money back.
A THERE is presumption in law that there are no legal relations between family.
The agreement on Customs Code of the Customs Union dated November 27, 2009 and a number of international agreements regulating the customs legal relations cease to operate as the agreement on Customs Code of the EAEU entered into force.
Article 63 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties states: "The severing of diplomatic or consular relations between the parties to a treaty shall not affect their legal relations under the treaty unless to the extent that the existence of diplomatic or consular relations is necessary for the operation of the treaty.
The construction of a new system of courts empowered to consider the disputes arising from public legal relations, as well as cases on administrative offenses is of particular importance.
The choice of law applicable to cross-border legal relations in Iraqi courts is subject to many legal and practical considerations.
missile strikes "were in my opinion sufficient, at least in light of what we can do within the framework of international legal relations for the Syrian army to react itself.
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