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a professional relation that is regulated by law (as between a lawyer and a client)

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position of any other subject of the legal relation.
sell," but each smaller subset of legal relations still may be
It employs Wesley Hohfeld's categories of legal relations (30) to show the gradual development from more one-sided review of underenforcement claims to more symmetrical review over time that included overenforcement.
The document stipulates "notifying the Estonian side of the Russian Federation's intention not to be party to the Protocol to the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Estonia on legal assistance and legal relations in civil, family and criminal cases of January 26, 1993, signed in Moscow on October 3, 2001.
Name witheld, by email Dean says: There are no legal relations created between family.
The secretary of State emphasised the need to consolidate and diversify bilateral co-operation, by increasing visits and developing bilateral legal relations.
Deputy Secretary General for Legal Relations Joao Miguel arrived here today coming from New York.
In the course of coming to that conclusion, it cast a wide net over the Statute of Frauds issues and the role of intention to create legal relations when negotiations are carried on by email.
If the legislations are applied, they will regulate legal relations between dealers, whether donors or grantees, he said.
Subjects addressed include sources of Singapore law, offer and acceptance, consideration, intention to create legal relations, mistake, misrepresentation, economic duress, class 1 (actual) undue influence, end of the contract, and a variety of special topics.
Corbin (1919:165) while simplifying the structural analysis of Hohfeld asks to determine the legal relations between A and B by seeking answers to the following questions:
The first day sessions will discuss topics of arbitration in disputes of stock exchange markets and comparing the legal system of arbitration in the Gulf stock exchange markets, and an open discussion session on the law applicable to the legal relations related to the international stock exchange markets, especially the relationship among brokers themselves, and brokers and clients.
It will also include a panel discussion on the law that should be applied on the legal relations at the international capital markets and investment funds.
Part II will set out an alternative to the conventional bundle of rights picture of property: property as a structured bundle of legal relations.
Al-Zaman pointed out that the recent high increase in the number of civil and commercial cases at the courts is a positive indicator that the Qatari society is dynamic and thriving with legal relations such as contracts, deals and agreements.
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