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(law) a principle underlying the formulation of jurisprudence

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Historically, the formation of legal principles resulted from the
The new legal principle is the result of a case in which a plot of land was purchased but not registered.
The concept of distorting a legal principle also has temporal
By "pluralism," I do not mean an abstract legal principle.
While several of the plaintiffs were by this time the official representatives of their families' estates, and their attorneys argued that a legal principle known as "replevin" entitled them to property that had once been taken unjustly, they still didn't show specific ties to the corporations.
O'Dwyer concluded his letter to Bolton: "The legal principle is that people should observe copyright and pay for what they get, even material from the internet.
Maintenance fitter Peter Sheldrake had been cleared by the High Court on the grounds that road traffic laws requiring him to prove that he had no intention of driving were a "disproportionate" interference with the basic legal principle that an accused person is innocent until proved guilty by the prosecution.
Rather, he said, states may defer to a more elementary legal principle known as "comity," in which states are expected to recognize the legal acts of other states as long as they are not in violation of superior laws.
This valuable study draws on recent social historians to argue that despite the legal principle of coverture, "many wives retained various forms of separate property, secured through marriage settlements that were defensible in equity courts" (40); shows "the gendered division of labor within the home" modulating towards "a division between male activity and female inactivity" (29); explores the resort to pawnshops by housewives and theatrical managers, with pawned goods circulating through households and theaters and back again.
At least Mr Howard is looking in the right direction -and his team of experts should not take too long to come up with a new legal principle that requires no more than a dozen words.
This is because there is an international legal principle that no international authorities will step in until all national legal options have been tried.
It is certainly a legitimate world view, but in order to turn it into a legal principle, you will have to be elected to the Knesset and convince the political system to support legislation that reflects your world view.
In yesterday's landmark judgment the Court of Appeal in London agreed her case broke the legal principle that healthy children are always "a blessing" and parents should not be compensated.
The legal principle, however, is applicable by analogy to many situations: Records retention or information management duty is defined solely by the statute's plain words.
Lack's family didn't find out about the cells until the 1970s, and even today there is no settled legal principle that says who owns tissues and cells once they're taken from a patient: Do they belong to the patient, or are they common property that can be appropriated by researchers?