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the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

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In brief, legal philosophy of environmental protection is practicing environment regulation when environment cleanness faces to danger.
100) But I press the issue here to illustrate that the prevalence or rarity of the conceptual possibility sketched by Shapiro's community of cooks is important not in determining the value of ideal theory in philosophical inquiry but rather in understanding the source and limitations of the norms that inhere in the current practice of analytic legal philosophy.
Further, Fitzpatrick's work in legal philosophy is underwritten by a sustained interest in the relation between law and literature.
The year was exceptionally productive for Hart and included one of the most storied episodes in the history of Anglo-American legal philosophy.
Kinneging is Professor of Moral and Legal Philosophy at the University of Leiden.
Chapter 4, on "The Constitution of Social Groups," clearly locates Barber within the Oxford tradition of analytical legal philosophy.
Murphy works at the intersection of analytical moral and legal philosophy and contemporary natural-law theory, and his work, including the present volume, is predominately philosophical in content.
45) into perspective, and sets the stage for further discussion about how Lincoln's long-term political ambitions and legal philosophy reflected Whig reverence for law as the cornerstone of society.
Kaye, entitled Law, Justice, and Miscommunications: Essays in Applied Legal Philosophy.
Readers looking to mine this book for clues about the justice's legal philosophy will be disappointed, as Sotomayor promises from the outset.
I welcome the contribution of Dr Claudio Bozzi in this current edition and his research adds new depth to the growing intellectual history of Habermas in legal philosophy.
Thom Brooks is reader in political and legal philosophy at Newcastle University
Lamer defended his legal philosophy in a 1995 address before the Empire Club of Canada.
But there is a flip side to the Constitution's serving as "higher law," and I discuss this with my students in most of my courses on legal philosophy or jurisprudence.