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She argues that since she referenced the oral legal opinion at the Board meeting she did not breach the non-disclosure letter, but since I referenced the written legal opinion at the Board meeting I breached the non-disclosure agreement.
Villaraigosa issued a statement saying he believes the legal opinion clears the way for her appointment.
Still, Nussle credited CUNA's legal opinion and lobbying efforts with changes to the revised rule like the lowering of the minimum capital requirement and eased risk weights.
I solicited the independent legal opinion in order to perform my own due diligence.
In preparing the scope of work, I made it clear that I wanted their unbiased legal opinion on the issue, and that NCUA would not influence or pre-determine the legal opinion in any way.
Antonovich's motion calls on fellow supervisors to reject the tentative deal reached and to seek outside legal counsel for comprehensive legal opinion on altering the county's official seal.
Large credit unions that are active in business lending probably have a legal opinion policy in place, requiring such as part of MBL due diligence for loans of $1 million or more, he added.
Many of those critics welcomed Delgadillo's legal opinion.
Legal Opinion on Workaround: RIM has received a confidential and privileged legal opinion confirming that RIM's software workaround designs do not infringe any of the NTP patent claims remaining in the litigation.
Water board members asked for a legal opinion on whether they have the authority to mandate stricter standards.
Thunderbird requested that Chile's Minister of Finance, Counsel for Defense of the State ("CDE"), prepare a legal opinion to determine if the actions of the Superintendent were in accordance with the law.
Delgadillo spokesman Eric Moses pointed to a legal opinion by then-City Attorney James Hahn in 2000 stating that inactive status in the state bar doesn't automatically disqualify an attorney from becoming city attorney.
The 2000 legal opinion holding neighborhood councils to the Political Reform Act was issued by a deputy to then-City Attorney James Hahn.
He asked the board to delay action until next week pending a written legal opinion.
The NIGC legal opinion confirms that the Buena Vista Rancheria is a Reservation, and the Tribe's proposed gaming operation complies fully with federal law.