legal injury

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any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right


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of this Article to examine the construction of legal injury generally.
issue are involved in the work of constructing a legal injury.
pregnancy as a legal injury, but rather to argue that these laws
the construction of legal injury, but instead with the legal
did not constitute legal injury because they were no different than the
145) Enlargement, a species of legal injury, occurs if the reshaped
Second, they insist that the claimant's legal injury is not the only source of the ultimate recovery; the attorney also contributes income-generating assets--effort and expertise--without which the claimant would not likely prevail.
A tort is defined as a legal injury or wrong committed upon a person or property.
On the other hand, there is an immediate legal injury or what could be a legal injury, and that's the voice of these children.
concepts of physical injury and legal injury in contemporary tort law.
medical monitoring claim, the legal injury is variously characterized as
the tort system should redefine legal injury is the appropriate
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