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a fee paid for legal service

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The typical CFO may not understand how to effectively implement legal fee oversight, efficient litigation management 4 practices, proper law firm case staffing levels and predictable case budgeting in the company's lawsuit.
com/research/cl8c3x/2016_real_estate) has announced the addition of the "2016 Real Estate Legal Fees Profiles " report to their offering.
Properly set up, a legal fee structure takes the lump sum that would otherwise go to the client and puts it to work in a tax-deferred annuity.
The 2016 Financial Services Legal Fees Report identifies the law firms hired by the world's largest banks and the fees (hours and hourly rates and AFAs) paid to them.
Mr Lymath added: "Too many people and businesses are reluctant to challenge legal fees as it is often an expensive, time-consuming and complex process.
Thus, even if a landlord is entitled to reimbursement for its legal fees, and even if a hearing on the issue of the reasonableness of the fees is not required, the court itself will undertake the calculation to ensure that the legal fees being sought are reasonable.
Surely, both Abdul-Jabbar and White had strong arguments that their associated legal fees were deductible as trade or business expenses.
Once the remaining legal fee issues move through the courts, a similar division may again develop.
The incentives included : Arrangement fees forgone on all residential mortgages until the year-end; Valuation fees waived on residential mortgages; No charge asked for legal fees on standard remortgages; A 'Regional Mortgage Week' being held with events for prospective borrowers; New mortgage experts in branches.
Surely the way to reduce industry's legal fees would be to maintain the current legislation and at the same time legislate against the excessively high charges made by the legal eagles.
5m in legal fees for various services, including services for venture capital investments, preparation of agreements and legal retainers.
CARDIFF Metroplitan University has seen a more than sixfold increase in legal fees during the past four years, data released under the Freedom of Information Act has shown.
Some of the lowest mortgage rates with free legal fees and a free valuation are listed here: ?
Mersey Care NHS Trust, which runs the high-security facility, confirmed the hearing had cost them PS200,000 in legal fees.