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a legal scholar versed in civil law or the law of nations

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The time has come for the nation to also unite under this decision, said the senior legal expert.
Legal expert William Booth predicted a guilty verdict in the case, saying that a person who shot four bullets in the toilet has to be sure that he is going to hit someone.
ISLAMABAD -- Legal experts have condemned the invoking of sedition charges by the Indian authorities against the Kashmiri students, who celebrated Pakistan cricket team's victory over Indian team.
Legal expert Agim Nuhiu explains that the goal of this commission is to conduct an analysis on the factual situation of 24 December.
The situation has now changed, especially after legal experts have realized that the non-Shariah law also has the goal of reaching at just legal rights.
Brenman is a sought after legal expert and commentator in major legal publications on the subject of legal reform and celebrity influence on the legal system.
At one point, Clerides interjected to say: "I understand the difficulty that Mr Tselepis is having as the only non-legal person here", echoing statements made last week by DIKO Vice-President Nicolas Papadopoulos who referred to Tselepis as being neither a constitutional nor legal expert.
Lieber said she conceived the idea for the legislation while chatting with Thomas Nazario, a legal expert on children's issues.
Legal expert Geoffrey Shannon said yesterday: "The Irish public voted by the slimmest majority in the constitutional referendum [of 1996] to introduce the most restrictive divorce regime in western Europe.
Moreover, as a practical matter, this testimony can exponentially increase the expense of litigation by forcing you to seek expert advice to prepare for deposing and cross-examining the legal expert at trial.
10:25-37 In response to a question from a Jewish legal expert about inheriting eternal life, Jesus illustrates the superiority of love over legalism through the story of the good Samaritan.
Loni Coombs, former prosecutor and US legal expert, said that if Cowell is going to take on child support, he should be sure about the baby's paternity.
US warning to oil companies proves Kurdish violation of constitution, expert BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Legal expert regarded the warning of US State Department to oil companies is stronger than previous ones, which "proves that the Iraqi Kurdish region violated the Iraqi constitution".
One legal expert said pinning liability on the commuter rail line will be difficult because of the criminal case against Alvarez.
Trudeau, according to one legal expert quoted in the book, "had every intention of using the Court .