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as a joke: trying to make somebody believe something that is not true


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Western Mail, July 17) appears to be a leg-pull which did not quite come off.
Later he was given the bishopric of Cloyne as a reward for good service - which made us roar because he displayed no flair with the press and ended up the butt of many a leg-pull.
Ken, who is married to Pamela and has three sons, Stephen, Russell,25, and Robert, 17, said: "It was decided that I should do something to mark my 50th birthday and it became a family leg-pull.
Lord Provost Rolfe said: "At first I thought it was a leg-pull when Gaston wrote explaining that it had been such a surprise to him to find another town with a name that so closely resembled that of his own village.
But the SNP chief said last night: "It was a leg-pull.
Padraic, nicknamed the Connemara Joker because of his practical jokes, denied it had been a leg-pull.
It is all so very predictable by now, and unless a new direction is found, we can expect more of the same next year, the same old prepubescent leg-pulls masquerading as fine art, the same old self-aggrandisement and back-slapping.