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food remaining from a previous meal

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Autotrader editors have listed their leftover car favorites, and while the models highlighted may not be the newest or most advanced cars on the market, the models are among the best deals.
The law requires paint manufacturers to develop a take-back system for leftover paint from household and commercial consumers.
collects untouched leftovers and distributes it to labour camps, told 7DAYS.
How can we stop thinking of leftover food as the end of one meal, and start thinking of it, instead, as the beginning of the next?
However you decide to give new life to your protein-packed leftovers, here is a tip: It's always easier to remove the meat from the turkey bones the same day it's roasted.
Bring out leftovers and forgotten foods, for example, cubes of cheese, slices of meat and the leftovers from yesterday's meal, to create a UK-style tapas treat.
One enterprising guy from Herefordshire has put his leftover sprouts for sale on eBay with bids up to PS26, so I could try that.
We have a dedicated team of five paid staff who with the help of volunteers collect, transport and distribute the leftovers.
When asked whether the National Guard was considering the suggestion of giving leftovers to the needy, Committee chairman Giorgos Varnavas said there were none.
Others are keeping leftovers longer than the recommended limit of two days in the fridge.
New research published by the Food Standards Agency today shows more people are trying to make better use of leftovers as the cost of their food shopping has risen.
Today's recipe - Bubble and Squeak Cakes with Smoked Haddock, Fried Eggs and Bacon - is an example of just that and is an excellent, tasty way of using up leftovers.
This includes huge amounts of leftovers from banquets or wedding parties as well as the pasta you had for lunch.
Having spent many years in our parents' homes being taught not to waste by coming home from school and barging into the kitchen to be greeted by reheated leftovers, we rejoiced at the idea of not having to deal with lifeless leftovers in our future grown up homes.
Tips: Carved leftovers should be cooled quickly, then covered and placed in the fridge.