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the ideology of the political left

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He referred to the elections as "an election that will protect the public's lives from the Moon administration's leftism.
Another reason leftism breeds violence is that, detached from reality, leftists develop programs that can only work if man's nature is trumped or changed.
Conservatism is a form of leftism, yet the Nolan chart places it on the right.
The play also criticises confusing extreme leftism with socialism.
For example, in a fairly aggressive and surely disingenuous aside, Roepke at one point likened the UK welfare state and the ideas of Beveridge to Nazism; and by this means the softer side of leftism, i.
Miller's leftism and his anguished response to the Holocaust were typically Jewish, but these political feelings aren't the core of his workin contrast to his red-flag-waving rival Clifford Odets, whose rudderless common-man lyricism Miller disliked.
They examine Chinese religions in a harmonious world, the Sinicization of Christianity, the human-god relation in Chinese contemporary art, reverence for life, the influence of the oRevelation of Johno on the Taipeng Heavenly Chronicle, marriage in a Catholic community in Eastern Fujian Province, differences in family values in Greek mythologies and Hebrew patriarchal legends, the understanding of the Bible among the general public in mainland China, the debate between Chinese New Leftism and Liberalism and the Leviathan state from the perspective of Christianity, the concepts of person and shen in Nestorian Christianity and Confucianism in Tang China, and the activities and organization of Protestant churches in China in 2010.
Whether Corbyn could become leader of a Labour Party that would espouse the radical leftism of Greece's Syriza Party and Spain's Podemos Party remains to be seen.
Not only did feminism disabuse me of some of my blind spots when I was professing secular leftism after the army--a response to my shame and rage about the military--but feminism exposed me to (what for me were) fresh philosophical insights.
In Leftism Revisited, Erik von Kuehneldt-Leddihn quotes Jules Romains's potent phrase, "Dictatorship of the Nazi sort is a late blooming cancer which has blossomed on the soil of the French Revolution.
This isn't even liberal Toryism, it's nanny state leftism.
To those of us who understand and respect the superior productivity and fairness of free markets, the errors throughout Piketty's "Capital'' were so numerous and obvious that the book was easy to dismiss as warmed-over leftism, hardly worthy of being addressed and refuted.
This moved him to develop politically from an instinctive anti-colonialism to a fully developed leftism which dominated his adult thinking to the end of his life.
Old bishops clinging on to 60s leftism are moribund, often literally, and the younger priests and Church leaders are generally splendid.
This strident leftism is based on the belief that the poverty levels in India are still what they were in the 1960s.