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the ideology of the political left

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This moved him to develop politically from an instinctive anti-colonialism to a fully developed leftism which dominated his adult thinking to the end of his life.
Old bishops clinging on to 60s leftism are moribund, often literally, and the younger priests and Church leaders are generally splendid.
when it refused to publish George Orwell's Animal Farm, and he spurned the fashions of the academy by denouncing the Cultural Revolution in China and with it Mao's "infantile leftism.
This strident leftism is based on the belief that the poverty levels in India are still what they were in the 1960s.
Ee Obama is appealing to that paradoxical strand of cruise missile leftism aACAo wage war when necessary, make peace when required.
His artistic growth is outlined along with his patriotism, his leftism, and his long-term rejection by the country he loved.
Orwell would surely have caught the rhetorical trick that conflates a discerning conservative intellectual movement that included Leo Strauss, Irving Kristol, and Norman Podhoretz with the antics of the John Birch Society and that then contrasts JBS extremism with "virtuous" leftism.
Slowly at first but then more and more rapidly, a voracious hunger to learn more--not merely about economics and politics, but about the fundamental truths of human existence--overwhelmed my shallow leftism.
But these counter-examples can be taken as demonstrating the moral superiority and greater logical consistency of anarchist leftism over statist leftism.
Barnes rose to fame in the '90s with album Leftism which changed the lay of the land in terms of electronic music, shattering perceptions of British dance music and introducing dub and rock concepts in a more expansive format.
Balfour, author of the 1917 endorsement of "a national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine, was a product of "the Old Testament training" that permeated Scottish culture before it became worm-eaten with leftism.
After decades of political correctness, it has become clear that the hypertolerant mantras of modern leftism supply no defense against the mind-warping effects of conspiracism," he writes.
In his lower middle-class German-American experience Christianity sponsored leftism.
Indeed, a hideous alliance including the most horrible security dictatorships, the remnants of the collapsing regimes, the claimers of leftism and secularism and some religious movements with dubious backgrounds and inclinations, are participating in the destruction of the idea of Arab democratic change.
Their debut album, Leftism, wowed critics fusing house, electro and techno and stripping away dance music boundaries the way their music famously stripped the plaster from the ceiling of London's Brixton Academy in 1996 (the sound system was subsequently banned).