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tending toward the political left

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Attached to his leftish past and trying to satisfy his constituents no matter what, he has led Greece to the sacrifice.
During the election campaign, Miliband pulled out of the hat a number of Leftish policies, but they were not underpinned by a coherent programme.
The video ends with the death of the leftish Jewish traitor by hanging.
They, like the rest of the us, do not want a leftish version of the Tories just to please the political middle ground.
It's a shame that the never-ending march of leftish filth seems intent on destroying every last vestige of civilization so you can return humanity to the barbarism of the past.
I know Carlisle doesn't see independence as the springboard to English devolution, with Scotland as a Scandic beacon of social justice, as the leftish newspaper chatterati naively wish for.
The New York Times By this measure, not always popular in leftish circles, Obama's foreign policy is the most right wing since Nixon's, and not just because of his fondness for bugging half the planet.
In this bloated roster of nonelected fantasy executive office-holders we have a spectacular efflorescence of nonprofit-sector "progressivism"--the kind that mills decorously on the margins of the system, enrobed in leftish virtue while going about the business of bureaucratic self-promotion and endless self-serving fund-raising; hence the illusion of being "players," without the taint of implication in the crimes of the status quo.
Men and women who had worked for leftish agencies like the National Labor Relations Board and the short-lived Consumers' Division of the Office of Price Administration might be labeled communist, as might anybody thought ever to have expressed subversive ideas of any sort, including even former socialists whose credo relied on explicit anticommunism.
Or so are the messages from many of new ministers of the leftish cabinet.
In spite of my leftish, liberal bent, there are still some things I am very conservative about.
Leftish thinking, and socialism for that matter, hadn't considered these issues, much less understood their importance.
His book is long on anecdotes, marginally relevant quotations, and leftish ideological arguments and short on the integration of scholarly research, probably because much of the research is inconsistent with the author's view of the driving force in economic change.
The author's researches show Castlereagh to have been better educated and more widely read than the leftish trendies of his day, e.